• Closed Registration (Online Competition; Short Story Writing & Radio Drama): January 20, 2018, extended to January 22, 2018

  • Closed Registration (Main Competition): January 25, 2018, extended to February 6, 2018

  • Each institution must have only one account for registration. If the committee finds out that there are two accounts from the same institution, the committee will have the right to erase one of the accounts.

  • The participant data can only be edited until February 1, 2018. The committee will then print the name stated on the website for the certificates. You will be charged IDR 60.000 if you change the name after that date.

  • The teacher/representative of the institution can accompany their students during Asian English Olympics and will not be charged, but they will not get the privilege to observe or watch the competition. If they want to observe and watch the certain competition, they should register themselves as an observer. The observer’s fee is IDR 400.000. (Observer is a person who does not participate in the competition as a participant, but is allowed to observe the certain activities and get the same privileges as the participants, namely food, transportation, and certificate)

  • Students will be eligible to participate in The 2018 Asian English Olympics if they are enrolled in secondary school/high school (10th grade or above) or are enrolled in university. Students who are eligible to take part at the beginning of the competition will be eligible until the end of the competition. The PIC of each institution will be responsible for this provision.

  • Each institution can only send a maximum number of 3 people or teams per field of the competition.

  • There are 2 types of payment, which are Payment for National and International Participants.

  • a. Payment For National Participants

    The PIC must transfer the registration fee to:
    Bank Name : BCA
    Bank Account Number : 5271 630 051
    Bank Account Name : Verren Livia Candra/Tedwin Tansan

    b. Payment For International Participants

    The payment for international participants have to be done through Western Union. When proceeding the payment in Western Union, the PIC has to bring his/her identity card and tell the bank officer his/her full name and receiver’s according to the identity card. As for the receiver, the name will be name.

    As for the receiver, you must transfer the registration and/or accommodation fee to:
    Name : Verren Livia Candra
    Number : +6285379094017
    Street : BNEC House 1, Jl. U D/10 Kemanggisan
    City/Local : Jakarta Barat
    Postal Code : 11480
    Country : Indonesia

    After the transaction is done, the PIC will then get a payment receipt. Please note that the MTCN number in the payment receipt should be kept confidential (do not share the MTCN number with anyone else except with the receiver)


    * The payment will be automatically converted to IDR in Western Union.
    ** Payment will have additional charges that should be paid by the sender to Western Union.
    *** In each transaction, the sender must send the amount of registration fee + accommodation fee (if you want to stay in BINUS Square) + IDR 6.000 for the administration fee.

    For example:
    The amount of the PIC’s transaction fee (registration + accommodation) is IDR 1.250.000, so the PIC must send IDR 1.256.000.

    The administration fee of IDR 6.000 applies per transaction. With that, as well as to minimize additional charges from WU per transaction, we would suggest you to create only 1 registration invoice and pay all your invoices (both registration and accommodation) under the same payment. In that case, you may upload the same payment proof in all paid invoices.

  • The committee will update the participant’s payment status everyday at 9 P.M. (GMT +7). Your institution will be officially registered as the participant of The 2018 Asian English Olympics after your payment confirmation has been approved. Therefore, please kindly check your payment status in your Dashboard.

  • After your payment has been approved, you can edit your delegates’ data by clicking “Edit Participant Data” in the Dashboard Menu. Moreover, don't forget to upload your institution logo in the Dashboard Menu. as it will be shown on the Opening Ceremony.

  • The money that has been transferred into our account cannot be refunded, except for the accommodation payment.