The Nightmare

By: Sanmuga Priyan A/L Latchumaya

“Get out of the house and don’t come back until you find some money for me” said Jeff. “Dad, I am just a girl and it is very hard to get money without doing anything” replied Samantha. “I don’t care about it, you can sleep with anyone you want; just don’t sleep for pleasure, sleep for money” he said. Tears built up in her eyes. She cried and left the house. She sat on a bench in a park nearby and was thinking about her late mother. Jeff used to beat her every night when he is drunk. Samantha’s mother died last year due to heart attack when she was working. She spent her night sleeping on the bench. “Hey girl, you cannot sleep here. Please go back to your house!” said a guard from nowhere. She was shivering in the cold. “I don’t know where to go, I don’t want go back to the hell I ran away from” replied Samantha while crying. The guard said he will give her money if she agreed to do something for him. Samantha was so curious and she asked about the work she had to do. The guard wanted to have physical contact with her in his room nearby. “No, no, no….How dare you? I thought you really wanted to help me” she started running upon saying that.

After running away for quite some time, she finally reached a fisherman village where the place was filled with boats and fishing stuff. While looking for a place to sleep, she found an empty blue coloured boat with only a fishing net and decided to spend her night there. The brisk night made her to shiver more. So, she used the fishing nets as blanket to cover her body. Suddenly, a man approached Samantha and said “Hello mam, can I know why are you sleeping in my boat?”. She slowly opened her puffy eyes and saw a guy standing. She was frightened at first but she managed to overcome it and answered him. She said, “Sir….. urmm I was looking for a boat to sleep and the only boat was empty is this one. Please forgive me for my mistake.” “Wait, what did you call me? I am not a sir, I am just a poor fisherman.” There was a moment of silence. Then the guy continued “I am Henry by the way and what’s your name? Samantha replied him timidly, “My name is Samantha”. “That is a very beautiful name” said Henry. Samantha started to blush. “Anyways, why are you sleeping in a boat? Why are you not back home? Are you lost? Do you need my help? I can bring you to the nearby police station.” “No, it’s just that I cannot live with my dad anymore and I cannot bare his attitude at all. He forces me to do things that I don’t want to do.” “Hmm…Samantha if you don’t mind can I know what did your dad ask you to do?” She answered embarrassingly that her dad asked her to be a prostitute to look for an income for the house. “Do you know any place where I could get a proper job and earn my dad some money” requested Samantha.

“I am sorry for what happened to you, it is not fair for someone like you to be treated like that. Hmm…I am not sure about any jobs right now. I can’t give you any jobs” responded Henry. Samantha still begged for his help due to his kindness and friendliness. “Is that ok if you help me to sew the nets every day. I will pay you every night and you can stay in my house with my mom if you want” said Henry. Samantha went speechless. She was so happy that she got a job and place to stay. “Thank you so much for helping me, I couldn’t ask for more” replied Samantha. They walked back to his house. Henry introduced Samantha to his mother. “Mom, this is Samantha. She was sleeping in our boat overnight. I gave her a job to sew the nets and I asked her to stay with us. She can be a good companion for you as well mom”. His mom gave a very genuine smile to both of them and gave Samantha a very warm welcome. “Samantha how old are you? Where are you from child? What happened to you?” asked Henry’s mom. “Aunt, I am from Coco village and my dad was abusing me a lot because he is an alcoholic and always beats me up for money. My mom suffered the same way like me and I am 18 years old. I couldn’t bare him any longer, so I decided to run away from home.” replied Samantha. Henry’s mom agreed to Henry and let her to stay in their house. She thanked them both for their help and kindness.

The moon dunked and sun started to show its face. Henry left them to sea to catch some fish. “Aunt tell me about you guys. How long have you both been staying here?”. “Oh Samantha, we have been staying in this village for more than a decade. My husband was killed by a big storm in the middle of the sea. I gave up on living but I realised there will be no one to take care of our son. My love for him has no words, I love him so much. He is a very good son and a very hardworking too. I couldn’t ask for a better child.” said Henry’s mom. Evening arrived with Henry. Henry reached the village with some fish. “How was your day today?” asked Henry’s mom. “It was a hard day mom. I could not get any fish, so I went deeper to the ocean to catch some” said Henry while going in the house. “Henry!!!! I told you not to go the deeper part of ocean!! Why did you go there? You know it is very dangerous out there Henry” shouted his mom. “But…..but…but, mom I could not get any fish. I brought my friends with me for help. So don’t worry, nothing could have happened to us mom.” “Henry you know nothing about ocean. They are not like how you are thinking. Next time if you do that I will never talk to you again” warned his mom.

Samantha did not know what to do as she was new in the house. She was just looking at them arguing. Henry felt embarrassed and went to his small room. The next morning Samantha came in front of Henry. “Henry I want to follow you to the sea. I want to catch some fish. Please bring me.” Henry disagreed to that. “No Samantha, it is very dangerous out there and you are a girl in addition, so no way.” “Please Henry before your mom wakes up let’s move from here. We can tell her everything later” begged Samantha. Henry had no choice but to agree with her. They both left the village to the sea. “Henry it is so beautiful out here. I wish I can come here every day.” “It is not safe here Samantha. We are not on land, anything can struck us anytime” said Henry. “But it is still better than my house with my alcoholic dad.” He left speechless.

Out of a sudden, Samantha jumped in the sea. “Hey…..are you running out of your mind. That is so dangerous. Do you want to die?” yelled Henry. “Wohoo, this is so fun. Wish I can do this every day”. “Can you please come back to the boat.” “Henry give me two minutes.” Finally she climbed up the boat. Henry asked the reason why she jumped into the sea. She said she knows swimming well and that is why she jumped. Henry said there are a lot of creatures in this sea. “Samantha was sitting on a bench in the boat. While facing Samantha, Henry was advising her not to do that again. “Samantha noticed something strange coming from behind. It was a big wave coming to their boat and there is no way they can go through it than facing it. “Hold on to something Samantha, just don’t give up no matter what strikes us. “ 3…..2….1….” The boat shattered into parts. “Samantha where are you? Hello…..?” Henry was looking for Samantha everywhere. Finally he found her. He was shocked to know that she was perfectly fine. They both were holding to the boat parts. “Samantha, did you see that?” asked Henry with so much of curious. “Samantha…..Samantha……..Samantha something is coming to us…..something is coming to us!!! Something big Samantha!” Then they both realised that an enormous creature is going attack them any time. They both hugged each other tight and put the faith on The Almighty.

“Henry….Henry….Henry, wake up, wake up” Samantha tried waking him up. “Where are we….What happened to us??” asked Henry. “Henry we have been swallowed by that creature and now we are in the stomach of the creature. Everything is unique here. We are alive surprisingly” explained Samantha. They both were in shock. They stood up and started walking inwards. They saw a reddish portal at the end of way. They entered it and fell into a river upon entering. The river flow in two different direction at the same time. They both swam and reached the river bank safely. They saw a thick forest where all the trees were taller than those skyscrapers in modern world. The moment they got off the water, they saw creature which looked like a crocodile and was swimming in that river. It was way bigger than crocodile. They quickly ran into the woods.

They walked until they both were tired. They took rest under a big tree. As they were starving, Henry decided to look for food. He managed to find some fruits which fell from the trees. He smelled it first before eating just to make sure it is not a poisonous fruit. “Samantha, I think this fruit is edible. Let’s eat some of this. We don’t have anything to eat either” whispered Henry. “Yummy it tastes very good Henry, this is so nice. I never tasted something like this in my entire life.” After taking some good rest, they started walking further into the woods. After walking for hours in the thick jungle, they ended up in a big valley. A big castle caught their eyes. “Look at that castle Samantha. It is huge” said Henry surprisingly. “Knees down to the floor, or else we will slaughter you”. “Henry did you say that?” asked Samantha. Henry denied it. They both look simultaneously. They both were stunned after seeing some midgets with long razor sharped spears and swords which can easily cut them into pieces. They kneed down immediately. All the creepy midgets brought them to the huge castle on the hill.

Those midgets were singing songs all the way to the castle. “We didn’t do anything wrong. Please let us go. We will do anything as you say” requested Henry. “No way! You both will be our meal today. Human meats are extremely delicious” replied one of the midgets while the rest laughed evilly. They finally reached the castle. They caged them in an underground cellar of the castle. Henry and Samantha were frightened. They could hear all the humans quarrelling for help. After a while, the midgets came again to the underground and let of the prisoner out. One of the midget took a big sword and stabbed him on the chest. The man screamed loudly. Henry and Samantha could see his blood poured everywhere. Once the man died, those midgets cut him into pieces and start eating him in front of all the prisoners. They left after filling their stomachs. Henry and Samantha sat in the corner of the cage. The cage was quite big and can fit around twenty people. Then they realised they were not the only prisoners in their cage. They found an old man lying down. He seemed so sick and he was coughing. He could barely move. Henry approached the old man and asked “Hello sir are you ok?”. The old man didn’t reply anything as he was still sleeping.

Henry went back to his corner and sat there. Hours passed and they both started to feel hungry. Those midgets came again to the underground. They were scared. “Don’t worry, this time they will give us some food to eat” said the old man after waking up from his sleep. “Really?” asked both Samantha and Henry. “Nah…eat this and get fat” yelled those midgets at those prisoners including Henry and Samantha. Those creepy midgets threw those food into their cage. “Yeww….What are these?” asked Samantha. “Those are raw human meats” replied that old man. They both were surprised and felt so disgusted to eat those. The old man said that if they didn’t eat those they won’t be getting any food else. They both still didn’t eat those. Night falls, Henry couldn’t bare his hunger anymore. “Samantha, I am going to eat those meats if not I will die and I want to escape from this place. My mom lost my dad and I will never leave her alone in that cruel world” said Henry. “Are you seriously going to eat those Henry?” asked Samantha. “Your name is Henry? You lost your dad? Is your mother’s name is Daisy?” asked the old man. Henry and Samantha were surprised by his strange questions. They had no idea what was going on there. “Yeah my name is Henry and my mother’s name is Daisy. A big storm killed my dad years ago in the middle of the sea.” “Oh my god….can you recognize me?” questioned the old man. There was a moment of silence. Henry said that he couldn’t recognize him. “Henry, it is me David, your father.” Henry was speechless. “On that night I lost in the ocean, it wasn’t because of any storm. It was because a big creature ate me and I ended up here.” Tears flooded Henry’s eyes. He hugged his dad so tight. Samantha was happy looking at them and felt glad for Henry to finally meet his father. “We thought we lost you dad” said Henry. David said that those midgets usually don’t eat sick people as he was sick all the time. “So dad is there any way out from here” asked Henry to his dad. His dad said that there is only one way to go back to the Earth. Samantha asked “Are you serious? Is there really a way out of this place uncle?” “Yes, but who are you girl and why are you with my son?” Samantha told him everything that happened

“There is one way to go back. There is a portal in last floor of this castle and it is not easy to go there my son. It is very dangerous. Once a guy went until the portal and was caught by those midgets and they brought him back to cage and killed him in front of everyone, but he told me what he saw before dying. I know the way to go there and I can unlock this cage but I never had the guts to face those creepy midgets” answered the old man. “We can bring you there uncle. Henry is a strong guy, isn’t it Henry?” said Samantha. Henry felt ridiculous. All were laughing inside the cage. Days passed as those midgets killed lot of the prisoners. They haven’t kill Henry and Samantha because they both were pretending to be in sick. They all planned to get out from there. Samantha asked “Uncle why can’t we just bring every other prisoner with us” David replied that he already tried that and he couldn’t unlock theirs’ because it was different locks. David slowly opened the cage without any noise. They managed to come out from the cage. They quickly started to move away from the underground part.

As they reached the third floor they were already tired but they had to climb two more floors. “Where are you guys are going” asked a midget to them angrily. “We…we…wee” mumbled Henry. All out of sudden Samantha threw a big rock on that midget. “Oops I am sorry little guy…” “Damn….you are a brave girl Samantha” said David. They reached the last floor finally. They saw two midgets sleeping at the side of those portal guarding it. “Dad what should we do now?” whispered Henry into David’s ears. “You see those swords there? Take it and kill them….That is the only way” replied David. Henry was nervous but he had to do that. He slowly walked into the room with Samantha and took those swords. They both stabbed those midgets in their chests. Those creepy midgets died. “Henry, you and your dad go into the portal first, I will come after you guys.” Henry and David did as what Samantha said. They both went inside already. It was Samantha’s turn then. She slowly started entering the portal. “We won’t let you go away ……..” Those midgets held one of her legs. “No!!!! Please let me go…please let me go…..I beg you” screamed Samantha. “Honey wake up….wake up…Who are you talking to?” Samantha slowly opened her eyes. She realized that she was late for school as the time showed seven in the morning. “Are you ok Samantha?” asked her mother. “Yeah I am fine now…..I just had a nightmare mom. I thought I had lost you. I love you much” cried Samantha. Her mother hugged her tight. She woke up and got ready to school. She went to the school happily as she knew that she is no longer with those midgets.