Life in Technicolor

By: Muhammad Ammar Danial Bin Saiful Bahri

You've seen inspirational quotes that encourages you to get out and do something strange—something you wouldn't normally do. A clear majority of people usually feel motivated and aspire to achieve their intentions but, it’s easier said than done. The main drawback of an individual to accomplish a certain purpose in life is the fear of stepping out of one's comfort zone. We cannot deny the truth that doing something out of the blue is legitimately exhausting as it disrupts the rhythms and pattern in the things we do or act daily, but it is often a blessing in disguise. Simply, your comfort zone is a space where all your activities and behavior are stuffed in a pattern or regularity which results in a low chance of stress and risk.

Based on the mindset of our society today, stress and risk are commonly related to negativity which leads to many of our youth being lackadaisical. The conundrum is simply stated, even though the answer is complex as it takes a lot of endeavor and dedication to step out of your comfort zone and make a positive impact on your life. To do so, you'll need to come up with a reasonable cause as everything starts off with a reason and it also acts as a solid platform where you can plant your own feet and stand firm.

Honestly, it can be anything. Have you ever looked at someone or a character in a comic and dreamt of becoming like them? Or even become slightly similar to them? Well, you can, and it will continue to be so if you don't convince yourself that you cannot attain the traits or abilities that one person we admire displays. If it does happen, you will automatically feel demolished by the idea of not being able to be more intelligent, more musical, or more special just because you refused to step out of your comfort zone. Stepping out of your comfort zone may not be easy. Despite that, it's worth the dedication not just for us only but for others too. Nobody said life is going to be easy and to ensure that you'll achieve something, you need to start somewhere and after all, the ball is in your court.

Start small. You don't have to change everything and throw your daily routine out of the window just to step out of your comfort zone. Take small cautious steps, like taking a different route to work or giving a shot at the physical education class where you thought it to be a torture session for people like you. By doing so, it helps you become comfortable with the discomfort that comes from trying something new. The world is getting competitive where the only fittest will survive. So, step out of your comfort zone, be audacious, take risks and embrace uncertainty with open arms because someday you'll look back and be proud that you did it.

Sometimes, you need that stress and anxiety as it adds an extra oomph in your life. Stress, risk and anxiety are often recognized as dirty words, but an adequate amount of these elements can act as a catalyst for our growthand supply a powerful motivation for us to act. Within your comfort zone there’s little stress which results in a consistent, steady performance but if you manage to step out of your comfort zone it can produce an ambience where your performance is at its peak or, the optimal level. The world today as we perceive with both our eyes are not the same with the ones we see back when we were young. At the moment, our world is constantly changing and those who are willing to take risk, step out of their comfort zone and into the discomfort of unpredictability will be those who secure the biggest rewards.

We humans are creature of comfort whilst our comfort zone acts as our neutral area- a place where stress and anxiety are at minimal. From the beginning we're wired to seek comfort which explains why we are all having a hard time stepping out of our comfort zone. Being in the same place might feel safe and secure but usually it isn't. At a certain time in the course of your life, you will experience a sudden change or an unexpected problem and to those who would always stay in their comfort zone would be having a hard time overcoming these situations as they can't predict the outcomes as they normally would do. You can't see it coming. To those who've risen to take the risk and step out of the predictability are rewarded with the ability to handle life changes and alterations easily. The experience of overcoming these problems whether you've failed or succeeded are the things which help in your transformation of becoming more and better at adapting to changes.

Despite all of that, the most important thing to keep in mind is that stepping outside your comfort zone unlocks to a colorful life thus unleashing the extraordinary within you. We all crave for a happy and prosperous life. You are the narrator of your own story so go ahead and carve your own path. Don’t be too self-delusional of thinking you have everything exactly in your grasp as you don’t really know what you are capable of.

Speaking of that, I’ve once remembered a cartoon I used to watch back in my childhood days. There were many theories about the show but personally, I valued it differently from others.

Well, I’m a non-conformist but I’ll try to make it simple for you.

“Alone and isolated”.

For him it was normal and never once it bothered his mind. Secluded from reality whilst floating amidst endlessly as the darkness veiled upon him. He had been living this way for far too long until one day he snapped and thought to himself, “Is this really it?” The pain of regularity soon started to get to him slowly because it felt like forever, but little did he knew, a new chapter is about to begin. A pair of brand new eyes lit up and searched frantically across the room. He was in turmoil being as puzzled as he can be for the things he is looking at with his own two eyes were unknown to him. Everyone gathered around him and showed a time of great rejoicing. The skylarks circled around the idyll throughout the velvet morning sky as they sing along a pleasant tune and the dandelions danced gracefully in the wind. He was welcomed into this realm with open arms in hopes that it’ll be the solace in the dark. His heart filled with youthful energy and enthusiasm is rapid firing due to the eagerness to make this life a wonderful adventure. This was him at the beginning of everything and to everyone’s eyes: he was the cynosure. Despite that he was crying and wailing, an ambience of warmth and love was for sure in the air and it all made things a little bit better.

Well, you could probably relate this to your early stages in life but unfortunately, this story is not about you but it’s about an idiosyncratic boy named Lamka. He was born normal like the rest but with an exception: he is whirlwind full of colors. It was gifted upon him a light that burns passionately from within. The luminosity radiates allits goodvirtue as it surrounds the beholder. The appalling hearted cut no ice with his lively soul as he shines bright and free from hatred. At an early stage in his life, he was intrigued and fascinated by the ideas that came buzzing through his mind and because of that he felt restless. Every day was always filled with strange inventions and creations. Needless to say he is that kind of kid in school who would always raise his hand to ask questions. He valued life to be a colorful and wonderful experience and it has been his motivation ever since. Whenever the teacher in his class asked him,”Lamka, what do you want to be when you grow up?” A smile would instantly be carved onto his face. He aspired to become an inventor. He was having such a splendid time in primary but as he progressed in life to high school, everything changed.

Things started to get a little bit serious now. No more weird inventions and earth-shattering discoveries; just books. Every day for him were always filled with complicated homeworks and never ending tasks. He would often spend more time doing school assignments rather doing the things he is best at: being creative and carrying out bizarre experiments. Even though burdened by the hecticness of high school, he would always find time to do the things that ignites and fills his heart with passion excitement. Despite that, he will randomly feel inadequate, like there’s a missing piece piece to the puzzle.

Driven by the idea that he is slowly being enclosed by the world, worries him. The rose-tinted glass that he’s been looking through this whole time started to crack a bit but everything were still under control. Constantly being pressurized by the high expectations of his parents towards him made things worse because he is very well recognized as a student who excels in both of his studies and sports.Often being held up high by his friends and teachers was what troubled him the most. The status quo du jour was not about seeking fame and attention but what is it his heart truly desired the most still remains unknown.

Well, for now. It’s getting dark and the sky looks sticky more like black treacle as he closes his eyes and sailed off.

Time is like a leaf in the wind. He woke up in his room feeling worn off. It has never once crossed his mind that the university life could be so stressful. The demands were exceeding his ability to cope and he felt vexed. Stress and problems soon started to appear in his dictionary. Not being as exuberant as he used to be, everyday seems the same and it keeps on repeating as if it is put on loop. The first few months whether in university, on nights out, or in halls, the atmosphere of the first few months of university life is priceless and brilliant.

On the whole, everyone seemed to be carefree and wonderful, which adds hugely to the entire university experience. The brick wall is slowly building itself brick by brick sequestering him from creativity and social engagement. Day by day passed and everything was about exams and assignments.

For the first time in his life, he felt vulnerable. The feeling of extreme fear of always being exposed to problems and threat is creating an ambience of discouragement which is demotivating him from trying out something new. Although burdened by the complications that have been constantly thrown to him, academically he is one of the best in his campus. Always getting praises by his seniors and lecturers for the outstanding achievement as he always represent his university to international levels in fields ranging from rugby to debates. Needless to say he was a symbol of perfection and the thought of how everyone desperately trying to be like him is excruciating but behind the flamboyant personality, it tells a different story.

Well everyone want someone to shout for or adore but their hero aren’t what they seem to see. They keep on throwing expectations until to that certain point they nearly pushed his faith near being lost.

He grabbed his daily cup of long black coffee and headed towards his cubicle. As he was approaching his desk, nothing else could be seen except for the sheets of papers that has been piling up and never once it shown any point of reduction since the day he first step his foot into reality as an accountant. The luminance from the computer screen was his only source of illumination as everyday was tickling down his fancy. He glanced over his shoulder and stared infinitely into space outside through the window beside him. Time is a thief and the realization soon hit him. It was at that he knew, not a single bit has changed.

The regularity of repetition of the same pattern over and over was menacing.

He looked up the grey pale sky and noticed that the dark clouds had replaced the sun where it used to sunned down upon him prosperity. Everyone was the same; it’s like everyone’s got their box being told of what to do. White as far the eye could see and it was not easy on his eyes.

The fusion of the elements soon started to produce an unsettling ambience thus forcing him to behave in a demented manner. Just as things are getting complicated in the eye of the storm, his colleagues would oftenspit out red hot revelations and mockery towards him. Nothing was able to please his heart. He began to reminisce his early days where even things that are simple as a line out of a doo woop tune can cheer him up. He began to accept the fact that the rose-colored version of him had already took a left out of last laugh lane. Then suddenly he noticed a few blank papers on his desk.

“Maybe, just maybe”, he thought to himself.

The eyes are wide and it felt weird: almost foreign and unknown to him. The creative juices were starting to flow again oiling up the sticky keys to unleash the once long lost creative side of him. Ideas were buzzing through his mind just waiting to be explored and the eagerness to translate it onto the sheet of paper in front of him was real.

He lost control. The pen he was holding was automatically doing its thing: multiple strokes were formed and eventually it formed an image that reflects his thoughts.

Is this it?

Being the complete ignoramus as he is, he blocked out the people around him as he indulge into the pit which was deserted for such a long time except that it actually felt tremendous.

The dark clouds was starting to dissipate and the sun managed to push right through casting shadows on the cubicle walls. He didn’t pay attention to his surroundings when all he cared about that time was drawing. Finally, the room that has been covered by the blanket of dullness for ages has been unveiled. He glanced back outside through the window again and to his amazement, everything seemed colorful and the environment felt alive again.

He stopped and rushed off to his boss’s office.

The next day, he woke up from his own bed and strangely enough, without any worries on his chest. As usual, he took a sip out of his daily cup of caffeine and looked out through his bedroom window. There was nothing else except for traffic as far as the eye could see. Peoples on the street on that time seemed stressed out as they roamed the city in such a rush as if they don’t have any clue of where they are heading to. Making his way to the kitchen he grinned to himself as his eye caught a glimpse of a drawing hung neatly on the wall. It’s a drawing of him standing in front of an enormous tree.To everyone who’ve seen the drawing must have thought to themselves, “It’s just a random typical tree”. He took a step back and pondered at his drawing.

“I did it”, monologing to himself while staring at his marvelous drawing which caused a revolution in his life.

The show didn’t end there but luckily, Lamka found his miracle aligner and eventually they got married but that’s not the main point of what I am trying to spread awareness of. It all started off positively colorful and as life transitions changes, everything is starting to get on your case. In order for this story to have an impact on your life, you must first experience it for your own because it is solely based on life experiences. What is it that this story truly represent and the moral values that it portrays?

Generally, this story’s main purpose is to influence people to pursue dreams and explore the extraordinary within. Without a doubt, everybody is happy at their early stages of life but what differentiates us is on how we handle challenges and problems of life has to offer. Most people would just go with the flow while others would risk anything to achieve serendipity in life. Our comfort zone is a beautiful place but nothing grows there and this could be applied into our daily life.

Well yeah, our comfort zone guarantees less stress and encounters with problems but without realizing that those are the things that makes us a better person for tomorrow. Come to think of it exposure plays a vital role in the formation of our personality. Whatever happens, even if life keeps on throwing and pinning you down on the ground, always be aware of the choices around you.

You’ll never know which will lead you to the good prospects of life. Remember, chances in life don’t pop out like one of Houdini’s magic trick so be on the lookout for one. Before I forget, many will question about the drawing in the story. Basically, the tree is thought to be a strong and sturdy structure and it symbolizes endurance. Weirdly, we can relate ourselves to plants or trees. With or without the presence of water nor fertilizers, it will still grow but it’ll take a longer period. Personally, I pictured the water and fertilizers as the effort or risk taken to step out of the regularity to solve a problem; needless to say it simply acts as a catalyst. Living in a world where everything is constantly changing, only the fittest will survive and to ensure that we’re on top, like it or not the only way is to step out of your comfort zone and experience the capabilities that you can wield yourself.

That is why Lamka decided to quit his job as he realized that being an accountant was just dragging him down from achieving his dreams. Although in this story Lamka had come out victorious, never ever believe fully that trying something new will always grant you success. Despite that, if you’ve ever failed in doing so, don’t worry as failures are the things that makes life a roller-coaster: fun, exhilarating and intense. Also, you need to have a solid stance in life and the courage to act. If you find yourself stuck or forced into an uncomfortable situation, go and do something about it because no one is going to do it for you.

Life is a wonderful experience if you know how to handle it properly. Inspire your aspirations to pursue your passion while radiating your light towards the society around you to rise together as one. Be audacious to step out into the unknown and discover your extraordinary through experiences and challenges.


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