About Our Dream

By: Maudy Putri

The three of us have been together before we know how cruel the world is, we grow into teenagers who want make our childhood dream come true, but the three of us gave up because our condittion, but our dream still stay in our hearts, in the corner of our heart in a closed part from the word that slowly become cruel.

Finnaly, we become someone we don’t want, in fact we even didn’t accept ourself, we thought we were fine with that condition.

Finally we realized that we are not fine when the death brought June, we realized that our dream is not just a joke when we were child, our dreams more than that.


Both Myungdae and Hakkun, the two adult males are in a wretched condition right now. Myungdae just stared at the white coffin with his blank eyes whenHakkun cried beside him.

They're both are doctors, who handle June from the begining of her illness. Even they both still rejected themselves as a doctor, but it’s feels terrify when they can’t save June from the death. And another terrify fact thatthe death take her before she can make her dream come true even though her parents still againts her dream even she become a person that they want, even in her last breathe.

Think about her parent make Myungdae clench his hands, he and Hakkun should be able to resist her parents’s power over her life, they should be able to make her never give up on her situation.

But how can Myungdae and Hakkun do that,they even couldn’t resist thepower of one of their parents, moreover to help June get out of her parents clutches, it sounds impossible.

"June," said Myungdae in a husky voice. "Forgive me.”

The great wall that he have made hardly, finally fall apart and in the end Myungdae cry, his voice even louder than Hakkun’s voice that cry before him.

"Doctor Kim, Doctor Jeon, time for patient visit to the jasmine ward," says a nurse standing in front of a door nearby them.

Jeon Kibum, Hakkun's father touched the nurse's shoulder, the nurse turned her head and bowed to Hakkun's father and also Kim Iljung,Myungdae’s mother that standing beside him, the two of them bowed for a few seconds, then after they both stood up straight again, the nurse  stood up.

"Doctor Kim and Doctor Jeon should check the patient in the jasmine ward," she said again in a weak but clear voice.

His father Hakkun nodded. "I'll replace them to check the patient," he said, looking at Myungdae's mother eyes. "I'll comebackafter checking."

"You can’t do it for them.”

A loud voice from a woman come to ears their ears also Myungdae and Hakkun who began to realize their appearance.

"You can’t do it for them," said the woman who had yelled before, she is Hakkun’s mother, Jeon Minah.

"You're going to make them as a irresponsible doctors," said a man beside him who was the Myungdae’s father, Kim Dongun.

Minah stared at her husband with a sharp stares, their relationship become worst and worst with times since that man sent Myungdae to medical faculty.

"Let Myungdae and Hakkun do what they want," Iljung snapped.

"A doctor shouldn’t cry in front of the dead patient," said Minah, with higher tone than Iljung’s tone.

"In this time, June isn’t their patient anymore but June is their best friend so they both deserve to accompany June as long as they want!" Iljung says in a high voice.

"You're defending your son and your wrong friend, you're upsetting Iljung."

Iljung rounded his eyes, her heart felt stuffy and then his eyes began to covered by tears. "You are the one who upsetting Dongun, you disappoint not only me but you aredisappointingMyungdae in worst way than you did it to me," she said and start crying, it made Myungdae get up from his seat and rushed over to his mother then rubbed her mother's shoulders gently.

"Don’t cry mom, I'll go to the jasmine ward now, take care of June a while for me, please?" Myungdae said in a gentle tone, hoping his mother stop cying.

Hakkun who realise thatIljung crying suddenly get up form his seat  and rushed over them, also rubbed Iljung’s shoulders as she is his own mother.

"I'll go there too," said Hakkun softly.

Dongun and Minah smile, their smile is full of proud, staring at Myungdae and Hakkun that leave them with a nurse who had previously spoken to Kibum and Iljung.

"Minah, when Hakkun was inthe third grade,"- Kibum voice was croaking makes Hakkun turn back, it also makes Myungdae do the same thing-"you ever ask for a divorce if I let Hakkun become a singer."

Hakkun strokes his eyes. "Hakkun became a doctor but you are still selfish and always encourage Hakkun to do something that he hates, I see even I feel his unhappiness when I look into his eyes." Hakkun stopped his steps, his shoulders because Kibum’s words.

"Dad, please,”

Kibum smiles while looking at Hakkun, then he looks at Minah with that smile too. "Now the divorce you asked for, I agree."

Minah surprised, looked at her husband incredulously. "No, I don’t want," she said, shaking her head and the tears began to fall from her eyes.

"Yeah, we will getting a divorce," said with a confident tone of voice.

"Kibum," muttered Iljung, looking at his friend with concern, but Kibum smiled and turned his head and smile to Hakkun again.

"Happiness is the most difficult things to get for most humans in this world, including me but Hakkun, you easily get happiness when talking about music, especially when you singing," said Kibum, staring at his son with eyes covered with tears.

Hakkun ran to his father, then he hugged his father tightly and sobbing, Kibumrubbing Hakkun’s hair gently. "Forgive me for being late, but trust me I will take your happiness back as strong as I can," he said.

"You can’t do it," Minah protested. "Hakkun will go with me and he will still be a doctor, you can’t take him from me," Minah said as he pulled Hakkun's arm away from his father.

Seeing this, Iljung brushed off Minah’s hand from Hakkun's arm. "You're the one who can’t take Hakkun from Kibum," he said firmly.

"Iljung!" Dongun yelling with anger.

"You are disappointed me, do you also want to be divorced!" Dongun shouted to Iljung in a high tone.

"Yes, let’s divorce."

Myungdae stepped his leg and stand up in front of his mother. He looked at Dongun’s eyes sharply. "You always hurt my mother by saying that she is disappointing in many times and I am embarrassed to hear that, she is everything to me, she is my world, she is my dearest one, you are my father and her husband but I can’t let you hurt her heart again," said Myungdae.

Dongun slaps Myungdae’s cheek, making Kibum, Minah, Iljung, Hakkun even the nurse startled. Iljung cry again, he tried step forward but Myungdae stretched his hand, blocking Iljung’s way.

"You're a jerk, go as far as possible from my mother," he said in a firm tone. Dongun raises his hand, he will slaps Myungdae’s cheek for second time but Hakkun his hand, look at Dongun’s eyes with anger.

"How dare you hurt her heart and slap my best friend," Hakkun said.

Dongun pulls his hand roughly, staring at Hakkun furiously. "Kim Myungdae and Jeon Kibum who opened this war, I and Minah will accept it," Dongun said with his arrogant face.

"Jung's family will prefer to help me rather than help you, so prepare yourself to lose in the trial," Minah said with a grin.

"I am not afraid,"


Today is the day that June's body will be buried and afther that there will be the first trial that will faced them.

Iljung walks in the front line with carrying smiling June wearing a white shirt’s photograph. While Kibum, Myungdae, Hakkun, and three man carry a coffin that contain June’s body and put the coffin to the car. After that, they stand up in front of the coffin.

Myungdae hold Kibum's hand tightly, trying to hold his crying while Hakkun cries tightly and hug Iljung at the same timee. A few moments later, the car’s door was closed and they entered the car. The car began to move shortly after the four of them entered.

All were well prepared by the funeral staff, such as tents and some chairs. The four of them began to pray. Then, June's coffin was inserted into the provided pit and the officers began to bury the chest with the ground until the chest closed completely and made a small mound on the ground.

Myungdae and Hakkun stared at June’s gravestonewith sad eyes, their hearts still can’t let June go from their side. Kibum then stroked Hakkun's shoulder gently.

"She must be happy there, but June wil sad if you're sad too," he said, looking at Hakkun but Hakkun didn’t give some respon, still faithful to his position staring at the gravestone of June.

"Kibum is right, we must fight hardly to win the trial, we must make June’s last wish come true right? In order for her to be happier there, "said Iljung with a smile.

Someone put a bunch of pink rose flowers beside the June’s gravestone, Iljung and Kibum turned and found Jung Jaehwan, June’s father.

"Can you didn’t tell anyone that I come?," he softly lowered her head and began to pray. Kibum and Iljung just nodded, agreeing to Jaehwan’s wish.A Moments later, the man raised his head.

"Rose is June's favorite flower, she paint that flower many time," he mumbled.

"Jeon Hakkun and Kim Myungdae, I want to say thank because both of you never left Jooeun, June even until her last breathe." Myungdae and Hakkun didn’t pay attentionto Jaehwan’s words.

"You always help her when I'm become blinded by my love for my wife andit make me can’t do something," he said in a hoarse voice.

"I just realized my foolishness when Joo-eun was gone, how stupid I am." Finnaly, he cried in a loud voice and covering his face with his hands. His cries were filled with affection and regret that began to haunt him when his ears heard that June has gone.

Kibum stand up, then approached Jaehwan and stroked his shoulder.

"She is strong," he said in a stifled. "He's great like you, destiny raising her in an extraordinary way," he said.

"What," - the man tilted his head and wiped his tears roughly- "does Jooeun ask for something?"

"He wants to see me and Myungdae standing on the stage, he also said that he will be the one who will shouted our name loudly," said Hakkun without looking away from the June’s gravestone.

"When I said it was impossible, he said 'I want my best friends, the two men I've considered my own brothers, to achieve their dreams' and in the next morning, she dindn’t breath anymore," Myungdae said and bowed his head.

No more conversation, they are all silent with their own mind.


"Your majesty, financially and mentally, Kim Iljung isn’t be able to take care of her son and it will affect his future," said Eunhye, the female lawyer who was June’s mother.

Meanwhile, the statement from Eunhye was refuted by Jaehwan. The dispute was inevitable, they yeling to each other and made the room so unbearable that make Hakkunbegan to cry until the judge was forced to knock his hammer, and everyone sunddenly in silent.

Myungdae suddenly stand up. "Your majesty, may I speak?" He asked politely and he is nodded.

Myungdae stepped his foot and stood in the middle of the courtroom while staring at everyone that come to this trial

"Today, we just drove our best friend, Jung Jooeun, June, to his final resting place. I still can’t believe she left us,"Myungdae said in his soft but loud voice.

"She said she was scared," Hakkun said huskily. "I can see and feel it, she is so frightened, she feels she will lose her soul, her heart, even herself and whatever she wants to keep her soul, she can’t,"he said with tears starting to flow.

“Our dream especially her dream is over, our soul especially her soul will death slowly, but the most painful fact is we have to continue our life as a person we won’t to be. You will think that I am overreacting but you have to know that grow up as a person that you won’t to be is imposible for me. I can’t see the death take a life from someone because I don’t want to lose anything that I love while I have to save another people’s life.”

Hakkun lowered his head. “I know I am selfish but, I can’t do it and you must agree even if you’re not understand about my feeling, please help me out from this situation.”

"We are have spent most of our life together, from a childs who does not know anything, from a teenagers who growing up with childhood’s dreams that we are striving to strive for, until we are an adults who surrender to pursue our dreams and become the ones who our father, our mother, and even our parents wants.”

“We want you to have a bright future and a guaranteed life in the future!" Minah shouted with a sharp tone.

The judge again tapped his hammer. "Go on.”

"Our spirit has been extinguished when we both declare surrender to the circumstances, but June’s sprit doesn’t " - Myungdae's eyes covered with tears- "no matter her body who is getting tired, no matter the blood that keeps flowing from her scar that hasn’t been completely covered, no matter how her body continues to weaken, no matter her body isn’t strong enough!”

Myungdae finnaly cry and look at Eunhye’s eyes. "Even when June's body is weakening, when we are trying to save her from death, you're saying that she is a fool who does not care about his body!"

"You’re a devil! You’re the fool one, not June" Everyone was shocked when Myungdaeyelling at Eunhye, including Hakkun who instantly raised his head staring at Myungdae.

"I hate when you always ignore me and my mother with the fact that patient safety is number one but I can understand, then you start told me to be your successor, as long as you know I'm not willing to make patient safety as number one," say Myungdae with anger.

Then Myungdae look at his mother. "But I can’thear you always say if thatshe is disappointing, you make her cry and I can’t bear to hear her cry. I give up and finally make the patient as number one so you will stop saying that and my mother doesn’t cry anymore. "

Myungdae covered his face with hands and started crying.. On the other hand, all the humans in the courtroom began to whisper, giving their opinions about everything that already happened.

Myungdae tilted his head while someone touched his shoulder, their eyes meet. "You never said why you give up and I always wanted to know it, I want to apologize because I must be very annoying from your side when I ask about the reason you give up."

Myungdae smiled and hugHakkun tightly while nodding his head. "It's okay, I'm used to your nasty attitude," Myungdae said mockingly.

"I'm wrong and I have to apologize, especially I have to apologize to you because you've been regarded as my brother even though you were born just a few months earlier than me," he said.

Jeon Hakkun, he has become more mature than Myungdae think so far. Did he hide his mature and wait for a moment where Myungdae became a child and then brought up his mature? Myungdae doesn’t care, nothing can make him hate Hakkun or June even though they kill him.

"You have to be strong, we here for make June’s wish come true, stop being stupid," he said with a naughty smile.

The judge tapped his hammer once. "We will discuss.” Then they left.

"Hakkun, if I lose then a-"

"No!" Hakkun exclaimed, shaking his head. "You must be a winner and I must too," he said with a smile.

"Hey, come in here, until when do you want to hug each other?"

Hakkun immediately pushed slowly Myungdae's body then walked over to Kibum and sat between Kibum and Iljung. Meanwhile Myungdae just walks and sits beside Kibum.

"After this, let's go buy fried chicken," said Hakkun.

"I will cook fried chicken then,," said Iljung.

Meanwhile, Myungdae stomps his legs, he tries to stop his heart pounding very fast because it affects his brain, he can’t think while his heart beating so fast.

"I’m sure,"

A voice catches his attention, he turns his headand finds Kibum smiling at him. "Iljung will get you," he mumbled.

Myungdae laughed, his laugh sounded like a mock. "Fate isn’t that good," - Myungdae sighs- "it rarely sides with me, fate is always on his side," Myungdae said, look at Dongun.

"Destiny may adore him or maybe he conquer fate itself." He was breathing hard.

That’s sound horrible, Myungdae scared.

Everyone fell silent when he walked and sat back on their thrones, almost everyone looked at he except Myungdae, he lowered his head.

 "We have discussed and reached the final decision," he said. Instantly Myungdae closed his eyes firmly, his shoulders shaking, even he shook his head, trying to remove the negative thoughts from his head.

He wants her mother.

He doesn’t want his father.

"The wealth will be divided into two, each person will get fifty percent, and then for custody of the child."

His breaths are quickened even he gasped, but there is something that makes him look up his head. Kibum, he is holding a hand Myungdae linked and even seemed to squeeze strongly. "Whatever happens, I'll always be by your side, beside your mother, also don’t forget beside Hakkun, remember that!"

Myungdae nodded, for a moment he forgot what frightened him. No wonder why Hakkun turn into a brave man now, he has an extraordinary father.

"We will leave the choice to them, they will decide who they want to live with."

Myungdae stared at the judge's face with a surprised face. "So Kim Myungdae, what is your choice?"

Myungdae fell silent, this is real? Is this a hallucination created by hisself?

"I just tell you," Kibum said, hugging Myungdae.

Myungdae circulated his gaze, Hakkun is now stroking his mother's weeping shoulders with a smile towards him, even all applauding very loudly, Myungdae's tears falling and then he again focuses his attention on the judge.

"I chose to live with Jung Iljung, my mother," he said and then the judge nodded.

Myungdae's body staggered slightly while his mother hugged him tightly while crying in his chest, Myungdae just stroking her head, he still couldn’t believe that he would be with his mother now.

Especially, he can’t believe that he is the winner.

"We also have to fight, they can’t be a winner, so we can be the winner too,” Kibum exclaimed to Hakkun with enthusiasm. "I never want to lose, especially from Myungdae!" Hakkun exclaimed with enthusiasm, even he did not want to be defeated by his own father.

"Huh!" Minah exclaimed. "You not a winner," he continued, glancing at Kibum and Hakkun.

"Well I forgot to say,  this the final decision it’s yours too."

Kibum and Hakkun looked at the judge with disbelief."We too?" Kibum exclaimed ascertain what he heard wasn’t wrong.

"So Jeon Hakkun, who do you want to live with?" The judge asked, looking at Hakkun.

"Of course with my dad, Jeon Kibum, I will not stay with that witch!" Hakkun exclaimed, making some people laugh. Then Minah immediately left the courtroom with his annoyed face.

"Go far away witch!Don’t dare you to appear again in my life!" He exclaimed who immediately get a blow in the head of his father.

"Aw!" Hakkun cried as he stroked his head while his father hugged him tightly. "You are my son," he said. "Of course, I learned how to humiliate from you," he said and hugged her father tighter.

"They're both stupid," her mother said, releasing her arms from Myungdae and turning to Kibum and Hakkun with a smile.

Myungdae looked at her mother's face with a wistful look. "Your face is too happy for the onethat already divorced,"-Iljung turned his head, he looked at Myungdae without losing a smile on his face-"I'm not sad anymore I never really loved that man," she murmured, glancing at her husband who had just stepped his foot and leave this room.

Kibum turned his head to look at Iljung as he released his hug and approached Iljung, Hakkun did not say anything, he trailed his father's step with curious feeling.

"You didn’t love him?" He asked with a probing look.

Iljung just nodded with a smile. "It’s impossible that i’m can love that boring man," he said as he stood up while ran her hand through her hair.

Everyone laughed, their new life started now.


"You don’t have to accompany me, Myungdae will laugh,” Hakkun said.

Kibum just laughed while rubbed Hakkun's hair, making his hair mess. "I told you, I rejected it, we will rarely meet after this." He gigled.


Hakkunand Kibum truns their head and finds Myungdae and Iljung who are walking towards them. "You don’t need to be embarrassed, Iljung also accompanyMyungdae just like me," he said with an annoying smile.

"I thought you were coming with your father," Myungdae said, putting his arm around Hakkun's shoulder. "You also came with your mother," said Hakkun.

"We're different, I can’t refuse my mother's request and you'll whine to your dad for not accompany you," he said with a smug face, then Hakkun pinched Myungdae's stomach hard. "I think you're the one who whines and not me," he said, smiling and take his arms from Myungdae’s stomach.

"Let's Hakkun come in, we will late"

"Just say that you can’t holdyour tears because you'll rarely see your mother,"

Again Hakkun made him angry, couldn’t Hakkunsupport him especially at this time? Myungdae will give him a punishment later.

She spread her arms wide. "You don’t want to hug me?" Said Iljung with a smile, thenMyungdae hugged her tightly. "You'll be a great rapper and I'll be waiting for your songs," she said, hugging Myungdae tightly.

"Don’t forget to keep your health especially don’t forget to wash hands before and after meals, don’t forget to drink enough water, don’t forget to sleep enough, and don’t forget keep Hakkun safe," she said.

"I love you,"

"I love you to mom, but I think I will forget to keep Hakkun save, can you forgive me?" Hakkun hit Myungdae with all his strength but Myungdae laughed loud.

"Is there anything you want to tell me?" Asked Kibum, looking at Hakkun. "Don’t cry because I will rarely contact you and I will be a great singer," he said with a smug face.

"I think so," Kibum said, putting his arm into his pocket and turning around. "Let's go Iljung we better get out of here," he said with a naughty face and was greeted by a nod from Iljung.

"See you again Myungdae!" Iljung said to Myungdae and waved her arms and walked behind Kibum. While Myungdae and Hakkun just stared at their backs.

Hakkun suddenly looks panicked. "I almost forgot," he told Myungdae.

"Dad!" He shouted, spontaneously making Kibum turn his head, look at him.

 "I want to tell that if what you say is true, I love her." Kibum,Myungdae and Iljung were surprised to hear Hakkun word’s.

"However, I dare not tell her or tell anyone even when you know it, I keep it hidden," – Hakkun gaze truns sad- "I'm afraid thatshe doesn’t have the same feelings and suddenly she's gone, leaving us."

Myungdae just nodded with a small laugh, stupid Hakkun.

"However," - his gaze turns vigorously- "I know your love is alive and I know if she doesn’t know that you love her so I want you to say your love and don’t think about her answer because you will regret if someday she leave you without knowing your love ," said Hakkun who successfully make Kibum’s face flushed.

"What you’re talking about!" Kibum shouted while ran to Hakkun, Hakkunspontaneously ran into the room, laughing loudly followed by Myungdae who ran behind him

"My mother is innocent, just calm down," Myungdae shouted make the situasion worse

"You will regret your words" say Kibum.

Then he approached Iljung, smiling and rubbing his neck awkwardly. “Just forget it, they are still a children,” he said in a low voice.

"It's okay," said Iljung casually. Kibum keeps walking and leaves Iljung behind him, he really can not show his blushing face.

"Emm Kibum," said Iljung whenKibum walks over to his car, Kibum spontaneously turns and finds that Iljung smile to him.

"Tomorrow night, at 10 p.m, Coffe cafe," she said then turned, leave Kibum without having time to respond to his words.


Hakkun pushed the door open and found his father holding his chest in surprise at Hakkun's unexpected appearance. Hakkun just laughed then approached his father.

"I was surprised, are you sure that you have the same age with her? Why does she look like a twenty-year-old girl while you look like a fifty-year-old nasty men, "Hakkun said with a mocking face and instantly got a hit in his head.

"Why you never defend me, just once in your life!" Kibum exclaimed but then he laughed and hugged Hakkun at the same time.

"But thank you fro come today," he said.

"Even though I and Myungdae in hels a concert in Mars, I'll still coming back here," he said and stroking his father's back. "Dad, there's something I want to say."

Then Hakkun put his arms in Kibum’s shoulder and looks at his father with a serious face. "Your handsome son and Myungdae can come here with and extraordinary struggle, so please,"-Hakkun squeezed his father's shoulder-"don’t embarrass me in front the attendees especially Myungdae and his mother, "said Hakkun and make Kibum squeezing Hakkun's shoulder but he did it harder than Hakkun did.

"Are you came to here just to say such a stupid thing, What an insolent child!" he said then smiled in satisfaction as Hakkun stroked his painful shoulder with his sullen face.

Someone pushed the door and make a loud noise and again startled Kibum. "Hurry up! And go to Altar," he said, making Kibum's heart beat faster now but stepping on his feet, ignoring his nervous feeling, while Hakkun walked behind him.


The door was still closed and Kibum looked at him with anxious eyes, negative thoughts overwhelmed him this time, what if happened this and that, it was crazy when he had been married before and he even passed it without any mistakes.

Maybe, because this is a real marriage for him.

Then his eyes widened when the noise of people stopped because of Iljung with Myungdae beside her, what that Hakkun tell him before is true, she looked very young with knee-length white dress and natural makeup, Kibum looked at him without blinking his eyes.

Iljung unleashes his hand from Myungdae's arm and steps out and stands beside him while Myungdae steps back and stands beside Hakkun.

"I am Jeon Kibum accepting you, Jung Iljung as my only wife, to be possessed and defended, from this day forward, in joy and sorrow, in health and in pain, in trouble and joy, to love and cherish each other until death divides us.”

Iljung smile and that is a beautiful smile, it just make Kibum face blushing.

"I am Jung Iljung accepting you, Jeon Kibum as my only husband, to be owned and defended, from this day forward, in joy and sorrow, in health and in pain, in trouble and joy, to love and cherish each other until death divides us ."

The sacred promise is completed, both of which have been officially marriage.


The four of them had reached June’s grave. Hakkun who first crouched then stroked June’s gravestone with a bitter smile.

"June," Kibum said then smile. "The good news I've married with Iljung and the bad news is that Myungdae and Hakkun are brothers now," he exclaimed with a naughty laugh.

Iljung hit him while Kibum just stroked his hand. "We visited you so you could feel the happiness that we feel," said Iljung with a smile.

"We miss you very much,"Myungdae said, and looked down.

Actually, Kibum and Iljung didn’t want to bring them here but they insist to come to here, June must feel our happiness too, June, maybe she wouldn’t never leave Hakkun and Myungdae because they always thik about her.

I'm so happy June, it’s feels like a dream," said Hakkun.

"June, you always bring happiness to us even until now," Myungdae said.

The wind blows warmly even though the sun is covered with clouds.

Myungdae and Hakkun raise their heads and close their eyes.

“Thank you, June.”