Radio Drama Field - Asian English Olympics 2018

R A D I O   D R A M A


Drama refers to a story full of role players. The combination of music, voice, and sound effect completes the auditory dimension and they are worth to be heard. As simple as listening to a story of imagination without any visual look; come on, share your audio drama story throughout Asia!


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Wajuppa Tossa - Asian English Olympics 2018

Ms. Wajuppa Tossa


  • Published two picturebooks October 2017
  • Featured storyteller at the Scottish International Storytelling Festival 2017, October 2017
  • A visiting professor of English at the English Department, Daffodil International University, Dhaka, Bangladesh. Sept - Oct 2017
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    Jay Menes - Asian English Olympics 2018

    Mr. Jay Menes


  • The first Filipino member of International Storytelling Network Red Internacional de Cuentacuentos and Professional Storyteller.
  • He was considered the “Winner” of the 17th Iran International Storytelling Festival.
  • World Universities Peace Invitational Debate Indonesia Chapter Finalist
  • One of the performers at the 15th Sharjah International Narrator Forum in United Arab Emirates and this is their first time to make it a 5 day event.
  • Ms. Wajuppa Tossa
    Mr. Jay Menes

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