1. Click the “Sign In” Tab in the Menu Bar or the Register button in our Homepage.
2. Create your account by filling in the Registration Form with the PIC’s data and submit the form.
3. In the “Dashboard” page, you can see your transaction status.

To register participants, click “Send a Delegate” button

1. Step 1: Choose Your Fields

Click the button to add delegates in the selected field, and then click “Submit”.

2. Step 2: Create Order

You can see the total registration fee, calculated based on the total delegates of each fields that you have chosen previously in Step 1. If you agree, then click “Create Order”. If you still want to edit, you can click “Back to Choose Field”.

*For Debate field, if you send 2 teams, 1 required adjudicator will automatically appear in the cart. If you send 3 teams, 2 required adjudicators will automatically appear in the cart. If you want to send more adjudicators (max. 3 adjudicators), you can directly contact the contact person.

3. Step 3: Payment

After Step 2, your payment details will appear. In this step, you may make your payment ( click here for more details on National and International Payment ). We encourage you to transfer the exact amount of money needed for the registration and/or accommodation fees of your delegates (based on the fees shown in your payment details).

After making the payment, you’ll need to confirm your payment by clicking “Confirm Payment”. If you haven’t wanted to make the payment yet, you can click “Back to Dashboard”. Whenever you want to confirm your payment, you can click “Payment Confirmation” from the “User” Menu Bar.