Debaters require skills in arguing, critical thinking, and also logical consistency. Not only that, analysing the opponent’s statement is important in order to find the way to win the argument. You will learn those skills and get mastered by joining the Debate field, so get ready to challenge yourself!


This field is all about public speaking, which involves speaking in front of a hundred or a thousand people listening. Know how to be inspiring, motivating, and also humorous at the same time to grab the audience’s attention. Interested in those things? Come join our Speech field!


Spelling a word needs accuracy. Each of the letter you spell determines your step ahead. A fun yet challenging competition round has been set specially for you. We hope you can have a great competition experience here!


Creating short story requires imagination and also writing skills to make the story more colorful and enjoyable to read. You can learn and master those skills by joining the Short Story Writing field! Interested? Challenge yourself in this field to create a wonderful story with your imagination!


Drama refers to a story full of role players. The combination of music, voice, and sound effect completes the auditory dimension and they are worth to be heard. As simple as listening to a story of imagination without any visual look; come on, share your audio drama story throughout Asia!


A professional news anchor is required to have an excellent journalistic skill. By writing the script, reporting the news, and looking firm on the screen are some of the skills that will test your readiness to be the real news anchor. Get yourself the chance to learn in one of the most prominent newscasting competitions in Asia!


Scrabble is an art of jumbling letters into a word. Tactics combined with dexterity will lead you to victory. And when it comes, you will be the champion. So, do you dare to take the victory with you? Go challenge yourself here!


Many stories have been told by our friends or parents, even our teachers. But in this Storytelling field, it will be totally different. It’s not about telling the stories that you’ve experienced, but expressing your creativity through a story and bringing it to the audience with visual or audio elements.


Observer is a person who does not participate in the competition as a participant, but is allowed to observe the activities and get the same privileges as the participants: food, transportation, and certificate.