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Tasya Berliana
Project Manager of The 2021 Asian English Olympics

Greetings, Asian youths!

In the current situation, various constraints appear to cease all activities, dreams and plans simultaneously. These limitations come from many things, mostly from Covid- 19 pandemic, the current New Normal condition, and various other obstacles.

Asian English Olympics is a platform for Asian youths to learn new things, show their talents, and build networks with many participants across Asia.

In this regard, this year, the Asian English Olympics chose to compete and adapt to the following situations by providing a platform and exceed these possibilities of the competition flow to be held online and provide opportunities for Asian youth. As the Project Manager of the 2021 Asian English Olympics, I hope this will be a good step to finally come together and find a way in every possibility by expressing oneself during the wavering situations we’d experienced.


Exceed Our Possibilities

Asian English Olympics (AEO) is one of the most anticipated English Competition in Asia, organized by Bina Nusantara English Club (BNEC), a student organization from BINUS University, Jakarta, Indonesia. In the beginning, we started as a Nationwide English Olympics. As time goes by, we have grown into an Asian scaled competition with a goal to develop Asian Youths’ skills.

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