The Unexpected

By: Dzaki Taufiiqul Hakim

It was a clear sunny day. He’s in a middle of a jungle finding his way to a small town in Africa. He’s on a mission to help people get their basic needs. He was going to help a lot of people throughout the journey.

His name was Ali. He’s 22 years old. He was tall and white. He got a short brown hair and blue eyes. He was a genius. He was born from a rich family and had conducted a lot of experiments using his parent’s money. He solved a lot of problems of humanity through his inventions. One of the greatest mind of the history.

Ali created a non-profit organization called International Ali Foundation, they provided lots of free medicines, drink waters, foods, clothes, shelters, and other basic needs.

Farah, Ali’s coworker was driving the convoy that day. She was a tall, white, and skinny woman. She got a straight long hair She’s 21 years old. She had a master degree from Harvard Medical School.

Farah stopped in the middle of the road, she saw a little girl wearing dirty clothes blocking the road, Farah then stepped outside the car and approach her.

“Can you help me?”

The little girl asked Farah. She’s asking Farah to help her taking care of her mom. She looked so tired because she had been taking care of her mom for months since her father died. Her mom was sick and in need for medication.

Ali heard the conversation, stepped outside the car and asked her to lead Ali and his team to take care of her mother.

They arrived at a small remote and shabby village called Tishri. The village had only 13 houses. The villagers were mostly farmers. They were located in a valley and was very hard to reach because of the rough terrain.

Ali and Farah entered the house that was pointed by the little girl and found an old short woman. She was lying on the bed and wasn’t able to get outside her bed. Just then, Farah brought out her medical tools and checked the old woman’s health. The old woman was diagnosed with a typhus disease.

Just outside the house, the team that Ali brought with was building a camp to stay because it was getting dark already. They started a camp fire and started to cook for the villagers and for themselves. They were told to distribute the foods before it got dark outside.

Just outside the tent, Farah and Ali just came out of the house and asked the little girl for permission to bring her mother to the tent for treatments.She allowed them to bring her mother to the tent. So Ali and his team brought her to the tent for medication.

The next day, Ali and his team built a water purifier that didn’t need any maintenance. It is one of the things that Ali invented. The purifier was powered by solar and wind and it was so compact that it only occupied a 1 by 1 square meter of land area.

Just after they finished the water purifier, they started to pack their belongings and continued their journey.

“Hey Ali” Farah called “do you have any idea about where we are heading to?”

“We are heading to a small town called Illiois” Ali answered.

Illioiswas a small town located at the west coast of the African continent. There were miles of dune along the way to the small town. Its population was just right about 5000 people.

The trip would take 8 hours, the planned route was going around the mountain. Ali wondered if they could take a shortcut through that mountain and saved some time.

Ali asked to the navigator if they could take the shortcut through the mountains. The navigator answered “the road is usually dangerous around the rainy days, but we can take it if the road is clear of obstacles.” The navigator then launched his surveillance drone that was invented by Ali. He checked the route and the route was clear. The team then waiting for confirmation from Ali about the change of the route.

Ali was checking the weather forecast and saw a thunderstorm coming from the East on his screen. They predicted the thunderstorm would hit the mountains in about one and a half hour. The navigator also estimated the time of arrival at the Illiois town in 1 hour and 14 minutes. They would pass through the mountains in just 45 minutes.

After Ali discussed with his team, Ali made the decision to take the shortcut through the mountains. They didn’t know what’s waiting for them on their way.

It had been one hour since they took the route through the mountains. They were all asleep besides Farah and Ali. They were chatting along the way. “Have you heard about the Adam’s team? I heard they have arrived in Illiois town a few hours ago.” Ali said. “Really? They are fast!” Farah answered.

“Watch out!” Ali screamed out suddenly after seeing a thunder struck a tree. “The thunder has hit the mountains!” Ali said. They were full of panicky fears in regard to this unexpected thunderstorm. “How could they hit the mountains this fast?!” Farah screamed scarily. It was so unexpected and they were not prepared. They were still 20 miles out of Illiois town. The sky was covered in dark black clouds. It was so dark that they couldn't even tell was it time of the night or day. The rain and snow started to fall. They couldn't continue the journey in this blizzard.

They got off the car and tried to find a hiding. They walked out and wandered around looking for a cave to hide till the thunder passed.

Everyone started to shiver in this thunderstorm and blizzard. Finally they found a cave and run on hurry to get inside the cave and waited until the storm passed before they got too cold.

“Is everyone okay?” Ali asked to his team and checked if there was anyone left behind. He ran down his list of names and checked that none left behind. Ali then tried to call his team to send him some helps but his phone wasn't working due to the heavy thunderstorm.

Everyone started to feel sleepy and cold. They should not go to sleep because their body temperature would drop significantly. They had to stay awake until the thunder passed.

Ali shook Farah body's. “Hey! What did you do?!” Farah asked Ali “Don't go to sleep! Didn't you hear what I said earlier? We have to stay awake all the time.” Ali answered. She laid down her body on a rock because she was exhausted after all things happened that day.

After a while, the thunder finally passed and the sky was clear again. Ali peeked at his watch and saw the time was 5 pm already. He got outside the cave and looked around looking for his truck. He found that his truck had already been covered in thick snows. They had to walk for 3 hours.

“Can't you use your satellite phone?” Farah asked. Ali then tried to use his phone to communicate with the others. He asked for a helicopter to be sent to his location.

20 minutes later, the helicopter arrived at their location in the middle of the mountain. The helicopter struggled to find a landing spot. They could't land on an uneven terrain. They found an even spot to land on, just about 2 miles away from Ali's position.

Ali and his team asked to walk around the area and met the helicopter up the mountain. They climbed the cliff until they finally got to the marked area to meet the helicopter and got a ride to Illiois town.

When they arrived at Illiois town, they were brought to the hospital immediately. They had to get a medical check-up after being stuck under the thunderstorm weather. They found that Ali suffered from a frostbite. It was horrible.

Ali had to be hospitalized for 2 days because of the frostbite. The rest of the team continued the mission while waiting Ali recovered from his frostbite.

The next morning, Farah called her team for an assembly. She’s in charge now after Ali suffered from a frostbite. She started her assembly by praying for Ali’s health condition and hoped that he got better soon.

Just after that, they started to brief for theirnew mission. There were a lot of people died of hunger just in south of Illiois. They were called for medical and aids help. They got a ride provided by the United Nations. It was a clear planned mission until an unexpected incident occurred.

There was a security checkpoint along the way. They arrived at the checkpoint and stopped there.

“Good morning lady. Can we check your papers please?” as a security guard approaches the truck and asked Farah to give them their papers. Unfortunately, the documents that they had to bring was lost when the thunder hit them on their way to Illiois town. They were asked to get off their truck and stepped aside to be checked if there were any illegal items they were carrying.

After they were checked and clear, Farah asked to call his authorities just for a moment so that they didn’t have to be arrested. After then, Farah showed that they have their legalities to be inside the country. So, they were allowed to leave the checkpoint and continued heading south.

On their way through, everyone was singing along to bring some joy after all thesebad occasions. They saw some beautiful sceneries and it was amazing, until all of the sudden.

“Boom… !!!!!! “out of the clear blue, there was a bombing at the district they were heading to. They stopped there and started a quick discussion of what to do. They were so confused and didn’t know what to do. They were not prepared for this incident.

After they discussed for a while, they still had not made any decision. Just then, the second bomb detonated and shook them. It was so close to their location and everyone was shocked. Farah finally commanded the driver to start heading back to Illiois town. They could’t continue their journey until military helps arrived. They called their base asking for helps and supports, but their base was so far off. It’s at that moment when everyone started to realize that Farah was calling the wrong guy. She was supposed to call the United Nations base at Illiois Town.

Ali was getting some rest when the news arrived. There were two bombings occurred not far away from where his team was supposed to go. He looked like he was okay and the doctor said that he would be okay if he felt okay to leave the hospital. Ali started to wear his uniform and started running down the aisle heading towards the United Nations base camp just across the road. He worried about his team so much.

Farah was dialing the United Nations base camp when Ali arrived there. A secretary picked up the phone and Ali asked who was calling. He was told that his team was doing just fine and they were heading back to the base camp. It was such a relief for Ali. He called Farah and asked her to get back immediately. Farah and her team had failed the mission. They couldn’t continue the journey to their intended destination.

Farah and his team just arrived at the base for another medical check-up. They were so tired and exhausted after all of what they have got through. Farah and her team were feeling so embarrassed after being told that their mission had failed.

But just like what happened back then, out of the clear blue The United Nations announced that they were giving the team an honor for keeping strong at the mountains and they were awarded as the strongest team of the year.