Searching for A Reality

By: Adinda Feriana Madani

There is a story about a boy who was struggling to find his true identity. He was Richard Park. Shall I tell you about this boy? He is a 19-year-old boy with a Korean-Western blood running through his veins. He has a sister name Charlotte Park. He has a cute puppy called Toben. Well, let’s just get straight to his story shall we?

2 years ago

“Mom, catch the ball!” a 185-cm teenager yelled to his mom as his hand was going to throw the ball. His mom stared his boy with full of happiness and yelled,

“Uhm, throw it to me. I will catch it!”. Richard threw the ball and succesfully be caught by his mom. Richard really enjoyed his long holiday with his little family.

“Yo, sis!” he wrap his hand along his sister’s shoulder.

Charlotte rolled his eyes and reacted, “What again clumsy?”.

“Hey! Dont be so harsh on your handsome brother. You might falling in love with me” he winked his eyes.

“EW!!” she pushed Richard away. “YOU SICK!” she yelled and went away as Richard was busy laughing at her.

“Rich, Char! Come over here and lets eat!” his dad yelled to both of his children. Richard and Charlotte ran fastly to their dad and sat in front of their parents.

“What are we going to eat, Mom, Dad?” he asked as his eyes looking for his favourite food, kkimbap. Charlotte rolled her eyes of what Richard were doing.

“Its here, you dumb. Use your eyes properly.” she pointed toward the kkimbap as she took a chopstick of a tteokbokki. Richard screamed happily.

“Thanks, Mom!” he took a lot of kkimbap, put it on a plate, then ate i

The Park family was busy eating when suddenly a black puppy came and sat in the middle of Park siblings.

“Guk, guk!”

“Moomm, can we take him homee?” both of Park siblings begged to their mom. Mrs and Mr Park stared each other, then looked at the cute puppy.

“Okay, we can keep it. But be sure to take care of him, will you guys?” she said as she looked at their children intensely. Both of them screamed and nodded their head.

“Continue your meal and lets go home after it” Mr Park said.

At The Park mansion

“Hoooomeee!” Richard screamed as he threw himself to a couch. His long legs were never fit the couch everytime he layed down so his legs were left hanging at the end of the couch. His sister went straight to her bedroom while his parent went out for another meeting with his dad’s colleague.

“CHARLOTTEEEE!” he yelled.

“WHAATTT?!” she yelled also. She went down to the first floor and stared angrily at his brother.

“Do you have any good reason of calling me that loud?” she kept both of her hand on her waist. Richard smile widely.

“I’m hungry, make a food for me. Jjajangmyeon is fine” he answered.

“YOU! Argh, fine.” she gave up and made his big-body brother another meal.

While waiting for his sister, Richard ran to the backyard to play with his puppy, which called Toben.

“Toben!” he said as his puppy cheerfully followed his master playing around.

Richard smiled and hugged his Toben while lying down on the grass. He gasped as he smiled sincerely while seeing the clouds.

“Thank you, Mom, Dad, Charlotte.”

1 month later

Today was Rich’s birthday. Everyone, including his bestfriends, bandmates, and the whole 11th grader students, came to the mansion for celebrating his 17th birthday. Rich looked so happy and excited about it since he only had 3 big birthday celebration. He was busy preparing for his birthday set when Toben suddenly grabbed his leg.

“Guk, guk!”

“Toben, I have to finish this. Be a good boy and sit on the couch” he lifted it up and put it on the couch. Toben calmly sat and played around there while Rich continue to help his assistants.

3 hours had passed and finally Rich was ready to have his another big celebration party. The party was a blast. Rich was so happy enjoying his time with his friends. He was going to sleep when suddenly he heard a conversation of his parents.

“... but we should tell him! He’s a grown up now, we can’t hide this forever!” his mom answered.

“I’m afraid that we would hurt his feelings, Dear” his dad replied.

Rich suddenly entered the room and said,

“What is something that I didn’t know, Mom, Dad?” he stared at his parents with eyes full of anxiety. His tears was in the end of his eyes. He felt betrayed.


“WHAT IS IT THAT I SHOULDN’T KNOW!” Rich yelled to his parents.

“We.. we should’ve told you earlier but we couldn’t see you cry. You, you are not our unbiological child. You are our adopted child, Son” his mom started to cry after it.

Richard was blank. He felt like he was living in a lie, for this 17 years. He had been fooled by his own parents. He.. cried so hard for the first time in his lifetime.

“You.. you guys, have fooled me.” he said it desperately. His eyes was teary and he couldn’t stay there any longer.

“Rich, wait!” he stopped as his dad called him. “Bring this file, whether you decided to look for your biological parents”

Rich immediately took it and say, “Thanks for having me here, Mr. Park”

At Rich’s Room

He immediately packed his belongings including his guitar and ran down quickly after grabbing his car key. Charlotte saw him and quickly grabbed his arm.

“Where are you going? Its almost midnight!” Rich laughed and said, “I’m no longer your brother, Charlotte, so stay away.” he pulled his hand roughly from his sister’s and ran to the garage. By that, Richard Park never appeared in the house, for several times.

Richard’s side

“The heck! Where should I go, argh!” I yelled as i punch my steering wheel. I recalled my parents conversation. They said i’m not their biological son. Then, why would they took me in the first place? I didn’t want to have a negative feelings towards my parents but, deep down I wondered why. The whole night, I spent it with wondering of what was their reason.

After a whole night being spent on road, I finally arrived at a motel. I decided to book for two nights since I had to search for my identity in this town, Riverdalle. I opened the file and read it carefully. It said that I was taken from an orphanage near a village in Riverdalle. “Well, I should eat first then quickly find it.” I quickly grabbed the keys and locked my door then drove my car to find a nice restaurant to have a breakfast there.

After having a great breakfast, I rushed to an address which was written there. When I had arrived there, I couldn’t find it. I couldn’t find the building.

“Wh-where is it? It’s here. It should be here!” I shouted frustatedly. I began to lose hope. I cried with my eyes covered by my hands. Suddenly, someone’s hand stroked my hair.

“What’s wrong?” She smiled while stroking my hair. I was amazed by her beauty when she smiled but then I realized that I should find the orphanage.

“S-sorry, I should go.” I stood up and was about to go in to my car when she grabbed my hand. I turned my hand back.

“R-Rich? Do you remember me?” asked her while looking to my eyes.

“Who are you?” said me.

“I-I’m Candice, Candice Kim.” answered her. Suddenly, my mind went backward to a memory where I was a childhood. In that memory, a little girl and boy looked so fun playing a game in a playground. But a minutes after, the boy picked up by a family car and they was never got a chance to meet again.

“You- you’re the playground kid, are you?” asked me, since I wasn’t so sure about my own memory.

She giggled and said, “Um, it was me. That kid with long ponytail hair? Yeah that was me. Where were you? You had gone for so long and now I met you in a very unexpected way!” she hit my arm. I laughed. She was as cute as she was back then.

“I’m sorry. I had to move because due to my dad’s business. It’s a long story.” I smiled.

“Um, what are you doing in this small city?” asked her.

“Oh, about that. Um, can you do me a favor, please? It’s important.” I begged as I showed her a document that my ‘dad’ gave.

“Heaven for Kid’s Orphanage? That building was long gone. All of the babies there had been adopted. W-wait, what’s this all about?” she asked while staring me deeply, looking for an answer.

I grabbed her arm and quickly drove my car. I explained everything to her and she was totally shocked. She comforted me after that and said,

“Um, I dont know if this might help but I know a mother who worked there for a quite long time.”

“That would be great! Show me her place!” She told me the way and I quickly followed it.

Meanwhile, in Park’s Mansion...

“Will he go home, Mom? I-I miss him..” Charlotte started to cry. Her mom stroked her hair and said,

“He will. We are still looking for him. We have sent a guard to protect him in silence. He will be fine, Char.” answered Mrs. Park with a calming smile.

‘Please be okay and save, Rich. Mom loves you very much.’ Mrs. Park prayed in her heart.

While the Park’s was in their sad times, Richard and Candice was on their way to find the mother.

Richard’s POV

“Do you sure it’s the right way?” I asked. She lifted her eyebrows and answered,

“Yeah, it is. You think it isn’t due to the greener area, right?” I nodded. The surrounding of my motel looked dirty and hot, few plants were planted there.

“Our government rarely pay attention on that area. I don’t know why.”

After a few chit-chats, we finally arrived at a not-so-big house. It had a small garden in front it. It looked so cozy and comfy. She knocked the door after she opened the fence. I followed her in the back and stood behind her.

“Aunt Chloe! It’s me, Candy!” She yelled. A 60-years-old woman came out after it. She put her glasses on and frowned her forehead.

“Candice? Is that you, Honey?” asked her with a smile on her face. Candice nodded and rushed towards her, then hugged her. Chloe hugged her back and rubbed her back.

“Aunty, this is Richard. Do you know him?” asked Candice to Chloe. Chloe’s face turned pale and nodded.

“I-I know him. Come. I need to tell a secret that I have kept in my lifetime” I began to feel insecure and entered the house with a bad feeling inside my heart.

I sit on a chair and prepared myself to hear everything she would possibly said, either bad or good. Chloe went to her room and back with a folder holded by her.

“You are Richard Park, isn’t it?” She asked without looking to me. I nodded, and answered,

“Yes Mam. Do you anything about my biological parents?”

“I know everything about your heartless and uneducated parents.” She said with hateful tone. I was shocked, of course. What had they done until they didn’t deserve a warmness from her?

“If I may know, Mrs Chloe, what had my parents did?” asked me. She slowly stared me with a concerned eyes and gasped a breath. Then, she told me everything. Without a stop. Without a warning of a heart-breaking story and how jerk my dad was. My mother used to be an innocent girl at her high school. She was a smart girl at her age that time. Then, a newcomer male student from somewhere came to my mother’s class. They began to fall in love. My mother never realized that he was a playboy and never trully loved her until she had me. She was so shocked to know that she had a baby. She pushed my father to be responsible of both of us but he refused and a month after he moved to another school. My mother was depressed and wasn’t able to continue her study ever again. Then, she met Chloe and my second mom, Clara. Chloe took care of my mother really well but something that she didn’t realize was the cancer my mother had in her blood. Finally, my mother died because of cancer after having my birth. I was so sad. My mom, Clara, taken care of me when Chloe wasn’t home until she realized that she had a strong bond with me. Back then, she already had a daughter named Charlotte, my sister. After my mom married with my dad, they began to take care of me and my sister until now.

I began to tear up and realized my mother had taken care of me when I needed the love of a mother the most. I felt like a trash for yelling at my parents. I left both of them after saying thank you and hugging my grandma and quickly left the city to go back to my home.

At the Park’s Mansion

Richard’s footstep sounded so loud in the house because all of them were still sleeping. He went to his mom and dad’s room and walked slowly to his mom’s side. He sat on the bed and hugged her so tight. She woke up due to the hug and saw her boy had came back. She was so happy and started to cry. The story finally has ended with a portrait of a son and a mother hugging each other.

The End.