Love Your Passion Like You Love Passion Fruit

By: Yoab Lemuel

Waking up in the morning made me think about something sweet that could brighten my day. I was thinking about the sweetness, fragrance, and exotic color of passion fruit.I wassure that they would attract people to taste its sweetness. But,just before wetasted its sweetness, we needed to break itsthick rind. We could seethe gem of sweet and fragrant passion fruit pulps waiting inside its thick rind. Ah... Just thinking about it made me drool on my bed while wondering why it was called passion fruit. Was it because it could give us passion?Wehad to pass all of the struggles in breaking the thick rind of passion fruit before reachingits pulps and having a taste of its deliciousness. This was like something that we called having passion before reaching our goal. It was like that day when I was trying to reach the highest level of my passion.That day I had to pass all of the obstacles on the way to reach what I had dreamed of for a long, long time. At the end of my struggle, all I could taste was the sweet outcome of my passion. Itwas hidden behind a thick barrier. Once I broke the barrier, I got what I had been dreaming of for so long. I should love my passion like I love passion fruit. Ah! It's time to stop wondering an abstract thing! I’d better getup and take a bath and then do my homework. I have tons of homework! Also, Glenn said he would come to my housein the afternoon.I should do everything faster so I can play with him.

Later that day in the afternoon, when I was still working on my homework, my best friendGlenn, the tall, glasses guy with high curiosity came to my house.He was talking about an article that he read in the morning when I suddenly heard,

"Hey Yoab, do you know about passion? I read an article in the morning and am still wondering what it is ...."

My heart skipped a beat.Was it a coincidence? It was like what I was wondering in the morning,

"What I know about passion is it is something that you love todo anytime,anywherewith anybody."

In a short time, my friend replied,

"Can I say that it's something I always pleasedoing? I mean... thingsI loveto doover and over for a very long time?"

While I was typing my homework, I replied,

"Yes, passion fruit is one of the exotic fruits that... Er, I'm sorryI can't focuson talking to you because I’m still working on my homework. Ah, about the passion you’ve asked me before, you can say that it is something you please doing. For me the reason is simple. It’s because you love doing what you do and find pleasure indoing what you love."

Because of my reply, my friend was a bit sorry.

"Er... I'm sorry. I didn't mean to distract your focus on doing your homework. Yeah, I can confirm that.I need no one to order metodothings I’m passionate about. I’ll ask others if I can do something related to my passion. But do you know how to really find outour passion? It's quite hard for me."

I was trying to answer all I know about passion,

"No... Don't feel sorry.Hm... All I know is, before you know your passion, you should separate things you like to do and things you’re really passionate about. For example, Isometimes cook some food.I like to make desserts like ice cream, pudding, and all of the foods that satisfy my sweet-tooth. I can say thatit’s one of my passionsbut should I become a chef one day? I don’t think so because sometimes I feel so lazy to do it. I likeplayingonline gameswith my team. I like playing many game genres like Role-playing games, First-person shooter, and almost all of the existed genres in the online games world.I can saygaming is one of my passions but should I become a worldwide gamer one day? I have a doubt about my future if I become a worldwide gamer since it doesn’t guarantee my future.

I’vefinally finished my homework. It's 5 P.M. already. Let's go out andlook forfresh air!"

Small questions actually appeared deep inside my mind.So...what is my real passion? Should I start searching things I really fall in love with? Should I start it now? It is a thing that not only cangiveme happiness but alsowealth, popularity, and widely acceptance in society.Ah! Let it flow. I’m sure that in the right time I will know what my passion is! After five minutes of silence between me and Glenn--he was seriously playing his smartphone on the way to our destination—we finallyarrived atthe park near my house. We’re going to the center of the park to sit around the big fountain.

Suddenly, Glenn put his smart phone in his pocket and openeda new conversation,

"In my opinion, it's important tograbour happiness by doing what we love. It’s something important to do, isn't it?"

I didn’t answer his question immediately. I was trying to remember one quote that I had read. It's a quote from Henry David Thoreau, an American philosopher and book writer. It said, "That man is richest whose pleasures are cheapest".It meansI am the richest person on earth when I do my routines happily and …

"Hello? Anybody’s there? Did you hear what I said?"

Being shocked a bit, I came back immediately from my imaginary world to the real life, "Hm ... Yes! Ifully agree with you, Glenn! Let me give you an illustration thatsuddenlycrossing my mind!Imagine this.Two men workin an office. Both of them are accountants. The first man’s pleasure is counting money and playing with numbersbut the second man’s pleasure is painting some pictures. Who do you think will be successful in his job?"

My curious friend answered immediately,

"It's obvious that the first man will become successful in his job because he’s totally in love with his job! But,in your opinion,how about the second man?"

I was trying to answer his question,

"Actually I can't say anythingbecause I'm not in their situation but in my opinion, most likely the second man becomesmerely an average employee in his office because he doesn't have passion to do his job. If I relate this illustration to the passion fruit that I love to eat, it's like I am eating the lovely passion fruit without its thick rind because I didn't see any obstacles from doing my routine.I just love my routine.I love to do it, and I repeat what I love everyday.By the way, do you love to eat passion fruit?"

I heard a short answer,

"Who doesn't?"

We had already played in the park and talked so much about passion.The clock in my phone was showing 7 P.M. already.I was so hungryand it's time for dinner. This time I tried to open the conversation,

"Hey Glenn, don't you feel tired and... hungry?"

He replied with his unique mocking tone,

"Just say it if you’re hungry! Haha... Let's find a place for dinner!"

As usual, Glenn was fully playing with his smart phone on the way to the restaurant.I was wondering how Icouldreally find out my passion and things I was passionate about. All I can do for nowis making a list about what I’ve loved to do recently and what kind of things whichare able to attract me to do.Ah! I see ... It’s like when I meet a girlI love.First, shecatches my eye. It’s like things I’m passionate about interest me.In the second step to get her, I should make a strategy and makea contact with her all the time by using all theway. I shouldn’t feel tired when doing what I’mpassionate about.I should naturally want to do it again and again.That's how passion works! I am sure that's how it worksif I take an analogy of loving someone.

"Hey Glenn, what if I say that the concept of passionis when something naturally emerges from inside us andthen itdrivesour way to somethingwelove which is our passion!I’ve also ever heard that from scientific point of view, doing whatwe’re passionate about gives us more happiness because it canchange the chemical reaction inside our brain. Do you know all about it?"

He’s still playing with his smart phone! He's really addicted to it.

"Er... Oh yeah, of course..."

“Argh! Come on! That's all you replied to me after I explainedmy own point of view about the concept of passion?!Don'tyou have anything to say?!” I’m just mumbling inside my heart.

Finally we arrived at the restaurant! Hm... Actually, it's not a restaurant, just a small stall on the side of two-way road but all foods taste great,especially the cheese toast!After we got two seats in that stall, my friend opened his mouth and said,

"After all talk about passion,I think there are still many things we should know to find out our real passion. If the indicator is just love, that means there are so many things that can become my passion. Don't you agree with me?"

I tried to explain itin more details,

"To know about our passion, we also need to search more information about something we love and arepassionate about.After loving it and knowing the whole things about it, we should start and do all thesteps needed to fulfill whatwe are dreaming of from the things weare passionate about.I thinkI can help you figure it out by analyzing this simple example from one of the things I’m passionate about. It's music field!I like to listen tosongs and instrumental music. I can say that I have a passion in music field. It's simply because I like it. The next step I should do after I love the music itself is choose which part of the music that I love."

He cut my explanation,

"Wait.What do you mean by “which part of the music that you love”?

I replied with annoying look on my face,

"Wait bro, I haven’t finished yet. I meanthereare tons of music genres from classical, pop, rock, metal to electronic music. I have to choose the genre that I enjoy the most.In this example, I take classical musicbecause I can enjoy it anytime.In classical music, it’s mostly an orchestra or some instruments playing, like piano, violin, and cello. If I choose to love some classical music that’s played on piano, like some classical pieces played by Beethoven or Frederic Chopin, there is a high possibility that playing piano is my passion."

I could explain things like these, but I couldn't really figure out my passion.I actuallyhad never dreamed of becoming a great pianist, composer, music producer, or any profession related to music field. I was sure that without a dream, I couldn't figure out the spirit of pursuing my passion. Oh no! Not even music field is my passion! I still have to find out what I’m passionate about.

Later, ourfood wasbeing served. We were ready to eat when suddenly something’scrossing my mind.I know my passion! Remembering back to my recent activities, I thought there's something interesting lately and I guessed this was my real passion all thistime...

"I’ve foundmy real passion, Glenn! It's me being a stock trader and investor!I always feel fun to be one of the players in stock exchange and, furthermore,this kind of passion brings me more and more money in my savings account!"

He dropped his spoon,

"What? I’ve never heard anything about you becoming a stock trader.Do you mean a socks trader?Haha..."

His joke and laugh actually annoyed me a littlebut yeah, I justwent on.

"Yeah, I’ve donethis in the last few months. At first I just wanted to have a side job to add some money in my savingsaccountbut I know that I didn't have time to do it because I spent almost the whole day at campus. Since I love mathematics, graph, and analysis, I was trying to search some information about Indonesia Stock Exchange and stockbrokers around Jakarta. After that, I was learning more and more about stocks--how to analyze the stock graphics. I used to train and tryto analyze the graphicsto know if they’re going to give profit or loss.After a short period, I had more self confidence and then I went to one of the stockbrokers to open my investor's bank account."

Glenn took a full spoon of fried rice and tried to talk,

"Nom nom ... do you--nom nom... really become a-ah, wait, this fried rice is still very hot and so spicy."

I was just looking at him.My eyes lookedlikethey’re trying to say,

“Please, swallow your food first.”

But then he continued,

"Do you become a stock trader? For real?I’ve ever triedit. Doing the stock trading in real is not as easy as on training and on an application that gave me some fictional money. It’s harder because I used my own money!"

I replied after taking another slice of toast,

"Yeah, your statement isn’t wrong.I justtried to do it very carefullyso, I could avoid investing in the wrong stocks. I tried to analyze every possibility that would give me big profit. But, I still lose some money in the first try because, you know, it's different to do something on training and in the real life. I didn’t give up when suffering that money loss. I was trying to analyze better every day until one day I tasted my very first profit from the stocks of a textile company. From that day, I’vebecome a better stock traderbecause more and more profit coming into my savings account. I think that my passion in stock trading really gives a high profit because itneeds less time when you get used to the trading, uses less energy, and gives you money, not needed money."

He was silent for a few seconds and then asked me a question,

"Well, what’s your dream by doing stock trading?"

I told him my dream with excitement on my face,

"My dream is, one day I’llbecome one of the stockbrokers in Indonesia with tons of money to manage which giveme tons of profits without wasting much time and energy." Glenn's expression showed a little disagreement with my dream,

"It seems like mostpeople dream to become rich without doing a lot of things but you think you can make it happen, for real?"

I was shaking my head and answering his question,

"We actuallyneed to learn much about stocks, trading, and investing to fully understand what it is to play in the stock market. I know I can make it happen since this is my real passion, and the real thing that I’m passionate about."

"Didyou get every feedback you wanted by doing the stock trading and investing?"

This time he had much more serious expression.

I replied,

"Ofcourse, by doing the stock trading and investing, I’ve got every feedback that I wanted! Because I’m doing my passion, I have fun and find my happiness.I have more money in my savings account, and actuallylook muchcooleras being a trader in the stock market at my young age,haha...But, I’ve also paid the price.Just like I said before, I’vealready worked really hard to get all ofthis."

He endlessly asked about this and that,

"Well, you know your passionbut how do you really pursue thattill you become like today?" With confidence I answered him,

"First, I knew that it's my real passion because whileI was pursuingmy passion in stock trading, it was like I got a guarantee that one day I would be successful. I always believe in myself that I’ll be able to chase my dream by doing things I’m passionate about. Everytime I try to chase my dreamis like I’ve seen one full bag of money in front of my sight. It makes me feel so nice when I’m pursuing my passion. It seems like I’m driving on an empty highway. I just do it without any doubt. And I’m sureif I do it well, I’ll get what I’m dreaming of by doing what I’m passionate about."

Glenn was listening to my explanation carefully but he still had something to ask,

"By pursuing your passion means that you have to sacrifice your time to learn a lot about the stock exchange, your money to buy some books related to stock trading, and your energy to practice and practice anytime. Do you think all you have done is worth it in the end?" In that evening I answered,

"Yes, of course everything is worth it. It always feels good when I do something with my whole heart and soul. After all, I enjoy doing these things and the bonus is all the feedback that I’ve got. I'm sure that one day I’ll reach my dream.All I have to do is enjoy my life by doing my routines because I’m the richest when I love what I do. With the analogy of passion fruit, in this step I’m enjoying the sweet and fragrant of passion fruit.AllI have to do is taste its deliciousness slowlybecause mydream will indulge in a long time just like everything I’ve given and sacrificed."

The stars were shining brightly in the sky. The clock was showing the time as exactly 10 P.M.

"Time to go home, I guess. Thanks for the conversation today", Glenn said. I agreed with him by nodding my head,

"Yeah, it's 10 P.M. already. You’re right. It's time to go home."

At the end of our meet up, we gave each other high five and went back home.

Passion is all about what we love. It's about reaching our dream for our own happiness. Get it when we are still youngso that we can enjoy our own achievement when oldagebegins. Share what we love to people around us. Let them help us to reach what we are dreaming of. Never let anyone look down on our passion because everyone hashis own unique passion. Start to reach our dream by a single step towards a thousand steps that wait for us in this journey of life.We are mostly unstoppable when we are doing what we love. Find our own way to reach out our dreambecause no one can understand what we really want.It's only us and ourselveswho canexpress what our soul truly loves. Find the passion now, pursue it, and reach whatwe dream of.We only live once solet’s do it!

We should take our time to pick the best passion fruit that suits our tongue--the onewe want to taste. Gently remove the thick rind of passion fruit because we still have a lot of time, slowly look inside the wonderful pulps, deeply smell the fragrance of the pulps, happily taste its sweetness andthen feel the deliciousness of that passion fruit. Make use of your passion. Love your passion like you love passion fruit!