Speech Field - Asian English Olympics 2018



This field is all about public speaking, which involves speaking in front of a hundred or a thousand people listening. Know how to be inspiring, motivating, and also humorous at the same time to grab the audience’s attention. Interested in those things? Come join our Speech field!


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Ernest Chen - Asian English Olympics 2018

Mr. Ernest Chen


  • Received Five State Medals for community and leadership
  • Founded the first Mandarin Toastmasters Club in the world in 1991
  • Was President of YMCA Toastmasters Club in 2017
  • Writer of four books such as Earnestly Speaking 1st & 2nd Edition, Rhetorically Speaking and Writing & 诚挚的演说
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    Arun Sharma - Asian English Olympics 2018

    Mr. Arun Sharma


  • Main Speaker at 3 public places in India on the topic DEMONETISATION in 2016 - 2017
  • Conducted Workshop in Singapore on RHETORICAL DEVICES in 2017
  • World Universities Peace Invitational Debate Indonesia Chapter Finalist
  • Judge in Bangka English Olympics in 2017
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    Thanoo Saowaros - Asian English Olympics 2018

    Mr. Thanoo Saowaros


  • Served as District Director for Toastmasters District 97P (Cambodia Laos Myanmar Thailand and Vietnam) July 2016-June 2017
  • Help monks in Lamphun Buddhist College to speak English
  • DIY - Growing vegetables without using chemical fertilizers and insecticides for home consumption and give away surplus to neighbors.
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    Nitesh Gianchandani - Asian English Olympics 2018

    Mr. Nitesh Gianchandani


  • Youngest Public Speaking Champion in Kuching, Malaysia (Between 3 countries, Indonesia, east Malaysia and Brunei Darussalam)
  • International Speaker, Author, Entrepreneur & Investor
  • Certified NLP Practicioner
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    Kirti Sharma - Asian English Olympics 2018

    Ms. Kirti Sharma


  • Certified Public Speaker by Indonesian Professional Speakers Association (IPSA) in 2016
  • Best 9 Table Topics Speakers (Indonesia - Malaysia - Brunei) in 2017
  • Best 4 Asian Pacific Speakers representing Indonesia at Gwangju, South Korea in 2013
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    Tan Saw Bee - Asian English Olympics 2018

    Ms. Tan Saw Bee


  • Became Table Topics Champion in 2000
  • Has been in Toastmasters for almost 20 years, the coach and mentor for club speech champions.
  • The founder members and who helped built Crystal Toastmasters Club to be among the top 40 clubs in the world to achieve 10/10 goals for the past 13 consecutive years.
  • Mr. Ernest Chen
    Mr. Arun Sharma
    Mr. Thanoo Saowaros
    Mr. Nitesh Gianchandani
    Ms. Kirti Sharma
    Ms. Tan Saw Bee

    R O U N D S

    G E N E R A L   R U L E S

  • Participants are highly suggested to come at least 30 minutes before the Opening Ceremony and must re-register at the assigned location before the Opening Ceremony starts.
  • Participants are highly recommended to attend the Coaching Clinic as their privilege to learn some tips and tricks that will be brought by our judges regarding the rounds.
  • Participants who don't attend the Technical Meeting and Coaching Clinic won't be guaranteed to get further information from the committee outside of those sessions.
  • All participants must arrive at the waiting room at least 15 minutes before the competition starts.
  • All participants will be called 3 times when their turn comes before considered as a walk-out.
  • Participants should remain outside the performing room that is designated by the committee until they are called to perform.
  • Participants are not allowed to watch other participants' performance.
  • Judges may (in their discretion) deduct 3 points from the total score in one round for violation of rules (except for timing). Judges may also disqualify participants for gross misconduct or ineligibility.
  • Properties categorized as sharp tools or dangerous weapons, liquids, or powders that can litter the performing room are prohibited.
  • Participants are suggested to bring their own stationery to support the necessary things.
  • All judges decisions and results inside the result slips and ballots are considered as final.
  • P E R F O R M A N C E   T I M E

  • Timing will begin with the first word uttered by the participant which will include any other communication such as sound effects, staged acts, etc.
  • The maximum time varies in each round. If a participant exceeds the performing time given, 3 points will be deducted for every 10 seconds exceeding time.
  • The time keeper shall provide warning signals to the participants by showing the remaining time with a piece of paper.
  • The committee will give a sign to the participant to stop his/her performance under the case of exceeding the maximum overtime.