As one of the biggest English competitions in Asia, Asian English Olympics serves as a good platform for youths, both high school and undergraduate students, to compete and learn for each individual’s self-improvement while building connection with one another. AEO Ambassador becomes the key that helps introduce and gather talents around Asia to Asian English Olympics, for them to live up their potentials, as well.

AEO Ambassador is a program specifically for extraordinary individuals to become the representative of their own countries in bringing them to AEO. Making a significant contribution by inviting institutions and promoting AEO in their respective country, AEO Ambassador gets to learn and earn benefits, as well. With this program, we hope to be able to gather more talents to experience and compete in the Asian English Olympics, as well as build a community among the ambassadors to contribute alongside us together.


  • Free 3D2N trip to Bali.
  • Free registration to The 2017 AEO.
  • Free AEO merchandises.
  • International certificate as an AEO Ambassador.
  • Social media highlights: Being featured on AEO’s official social medias.
  • Close guidance from the committee while working.
  • AEO Ambassador Community: International networking with fellow ambassadors.
  • Extraordinary experience of representing your own country for a significant contribution.


  • Promote Asian English Olympics in your home country.
  • Invite institutions from your home country to participate in The 2017 Asian English Olympics.
  • Through various guided ways, brand Asian English Olympics inside and outside your circle.
  • Update your progress regularly to the committee and be sure to tell if you have any problems.


  • Fill in the application form of The 2017 AEO Ambassador here
  • Send your CV and an essay about why you want to join the AEO Ambassador (max. 500 words) through email to with subject: AEO Ambassador_Name_Country. You may also include your ideas or strategies on how to invite institutions and brand AEO in your country.


  • Institutions that are eligible for you to invite are ones in your country that have never joined AEO before. Your own institution will not be counted, and the list of institutions that have joined will be provided.
  • After the respective institution has agreed to join, you should give the contact of the institution to the committee and submit details of the participants including their names and fields. We will then ask for the confirmation whether they agree to register and settle their payment to The 2017 Asian English Olympics. Participants who have settled their payment will be counted as your registrant.


    Feel free to ask us by email at