Technical Meeting - Asian English Olympics 2018

Technical Meeting
Technical Meeting is a session brought by the committees to explain the regulations, further information of the competition field itself, as well as more technical details to the participants. It will be held a day before the competition to prepare the participants better regarding what’s required for the next days.
Coaching Clinic - Asian English Olympics 2018

Coaching Clinic
Coaching Clinic is a free seminar, where participants will be trained by experts in each field, invited by the committee. Coaching Clinic will be held for the participants as a privilege to give them guidance before the competition begins. Through Coaching Clinic, it is hoped that participants can give their maximum effort in AEO. Besides that, it is also expected that participants who had never experienced the competition before will be able to gain their confidence and compete in a higher potential in this Olympics.
Opening Ceremony - Asian English Olympics 2018

Opening Ceremony
Held to officially symbolize the opening of the Asian English Olympics, Opening Ceremony will be held in the morning of the second day right before the competition. Welcoming speeches, opening symbolization, performances, as well as roll calls for institutions and judges will be included in this ceremony itself to officially welcome all entities to the Olympics.
Competition Rounds - Asian English Olympics 2018

Competition Rounds
The core of the Asian English Olympics itself as an English competition for its participants to be challenged by the rounds, perform their best, learn from the judges’ feedback, and compete for the greatest among peers. Various rounds starting from the preliminary to the final are made to be excitingly challenged.
Breaking Announcement - Asian English Olympics 2018

Breaking Announcement
After competing for two days, we will hold a special occasion in the evening to announce the participants who qualify from the preliminary rounds to the elimination round. Moreover, there will be a lot of performers and entertaining programs that participants can enjoy.

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Final Day and Gala Dinner - Asian English Olympics 2018

Final Day and Gala Dinner
At the Final Day, The 2018 AEO will provide dinner to entertain attendees and invited guests. Gala Dinner will also be the last event, one that includes the closing ceremony of the 2018 AEO, as well. At the time of the Gala Dinner, attendees can enjoy their meal, relax, and socialize with one another. Winners of all fields will also be announced in this session.