Spelling Bee Field - Asian English Olympics 2017

S P E L L I N G   B E E

Spelling a word needs accuracy. Each of the letter you spell determines your step ahead. A fun yet challenging competition round has been set specially for you. We hope you can have a great competition experience here!

Official Dictionary : Merriam Webster


G E N E R A L   R U L E S

  • Participants are highly suggested to come at least 30 minutes before the opening ceremony and must re-register at the place that has been provided before the opening ceremony starts.
  • The participants who don't attend the technical meeting, coaching clinic, won't be guaranteed to get further information from the committees outside of those sessions.
  • All participants must arrive at the waiting room at least 15 minutes before the competition starts.
  • All participants will be called 3 times when their turn comes before being considered as walk-out.
  • Participants should remain outside the performing room that is designated by the committees until they are called to perform their speech.
  • Participants are not allowed to watch other participants' performance.
  • In case of rules violation, judges may (in their discretion) deduct 3 points from the total score in one round for violation of rules (except timing). Judges may also disqualify speakers for gross misconduct or ineligibility.
  • Properties categorized as sharp tools or dangerous weapons, liquids or powders that can litter performing room are prohibited.
  • All judges'/adjudicators' decisions and results inside Result Slips and Ballots are considered as final.
  • P R O N O U N C E R