Scrabble Field - Asian English Olympics 2017


Scrabble is an art of jumbling letters into a word. Tactics combined with dexterity will lead you to victory. And when it comes, you will be the champion. So, do you dare to take the victory with you? Go challenge yourself here!

R U L E S  O F   C O M P E T I T I O N

  • 1 vs 1
  • System: Tournament (Australian Draw & King-of-the-Hill)
  • Total Rounds: 25 (No Elimination)
  • Final Round: 2 people, best of 5
  • Word Authority: CSW15
  • The rules will be based on WESPA

G E N E R A L   R U L E S

  • Participants are highly suggested to come at least 30 minutes before the Opening Ceremony and must re-register at the assigned location before the Opening Ceremony starts.
  • Participants are highly recommended to attend the Coaching Clinic as their privilege to learn some tips and tricks that will be brought by our judges regarding the rounds.
  • Participants who don't attend the Technical Meeting and Coaching Clinic won't be guaranteed to get further information from the committee outside of those sessions.
  • All participants must arrive at the room at least 15 minutes before the competition round starts.
  • Properties categorized as sharp tools or dangerous weapons, liquids, or powders that can litter the performing room are prohibited.
  • Participants are suggested to bring their own stationery to support the necessary things.
  • Participants are suggested to bring calculator.
  • C O A C H