The 2024 Asian English Olympics

Ascend Your Olympus


The Asian English Olympics (AEO) is one of Asia's most anticipated international English competitions.

This event is conducted by Bina Nusantara English Club (BNEC), an English student organization of BINUS University in Jakarta, Indonesia. We began as a National English Olympics. With the passage of time, we have evolved into an Asian-scaled competition with the purpose of developing the skills of Asian youths. The 2023 AEO drew 345 students from 6 nations to compete in 7 competition areas, including Speech, Debate, Newscasting, Storytelling, Spelling Bee, Radio Drama, and Short Story Writing.

Learning Platform, Talent Display, Competitiveness, International Ambience, Hospitality, Cultural Exchange, and Networking are the seven values that AEO upholds. As a result, AEO is a memorable event that provides you with an excellent opportunity to enhance your abilities and gain networks from youths across Asia. AEO will undoubtedly present you, remarkable individuals, with extraordinary experiences! The 2024 AEO will be held onsite on January 29 - February 3, 2024. There will be 8 fields of competition, namely Debate, Newscasting, Speech, Spelling Bee, Storytelling, Radio Drama, Short Story Writing, and Scrabble.

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Jovic Wu

Project Manager of
The 2024 Asian English Olympics

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Instant gratification habitually leads us to expect immediate results, which can lead us to dangerous outcomes. We seek it out and are granted it without even realizing it. We have come to expect things in a certain way, and as a result, it can be difficult to fight off the waves of disappointment and frustration that arise when we face challenges. In this way, the need for instant gratification infiltrates our daily behavior and shapes our decision-making, which affects our lifestyle. Therefore, it is necessary to address this culture, especially for the youth, before it sets in as a habit that cannot be broken.

This year, the Asian English Olympics will step in as a transformative platform to show the Asian youth that goals are not something that can be achieved instantly, in fact all of this requires a process, and in that process, personal growth is attainable. Through the diverse competitions offered, Asian English Olympics foster an environment where Asian youth are not only competing in their respective fields but also metaphorically competing with their own doubts and uncertainties. At the same time, it comes as a challenge to themselves to improve and reach new heights. The implicit messages of setting goals, embracing challenges, and pursuing dreams boldly can resonate deeply with all of us.

As the Project Manager of The 2024 Asian English Olympics, I invite all of us to take part, enjoy, grow and ascend in this lifetime experience. Let’s look beyond the immediate and instant, continue to reach new heights in our pursuits, much like the Mount Olympus where Greek gods resided, understand that true fulfillment lies in the journey and the gradual ascent towards our aspirations.



Frequently Asked Questions

On January 29th until February 3rd, 2024,the 2024 Asian English Olympics will be held offline on Binus University

Students aged 15-23 who enrolled in high schools (10th grade and above) and universities both nationally and internationally are eligible to compete in the 2024 Asian English Olympics.

Yes, as long as the slot competition does not exceed the limit, you can create multiple accounts (max. 3 person or 3 teams in each competition field).

Click 'Request Invitation Letter' button at the bottom of the page.

Yes, you can join one main competition along with the Radio Drama and Short Story Writing field, since the latter being held before the time period of main competition. However, since most main competition will be held within the same time, you will not be able to participate in 2 main competition at the same time.

Yes, you certainly can. Go straight to the Registration Page to register.

Yes, they can compete in fields other than the one in which they previously triumphed.


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